Assignment way. The topic sentence is presented

Assignment 1 A good paragraph is the basis of a good writing work. First of all, a good paragraph begins with a precise topic sentence. The topic sentence is the main sentence, which indicates to what the whole paragraph is going to be about furtherly.

However, it should not be provided in terms of quotes or facts. The topic sentence is often placed at the beginning of the paragraph. Next, a good paragraph is revealed by supporting ideas, which will give strong evidence to the topic sentence. The whole paragraph is developed by facts, detailed information and examples fulfilling the function of the proof of topic sentences.

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Eventually, a paragraph is followed by a conclusion. The conclusion is the summing up sentences, which gives the final ideas about the whole paragraph. Overall a good paragraph requires explicit organization of the writing, coherent structure of paragraphs in order to be comprehensible for readers. Aizhan Aikenova’s work was peer reviewed by Albina MamytbekovaThe paragraph is written in a clear and effective way. The topic sentence is presented appropriately.

The whole paragraph reveals the topic sentence with complementing information. The ideas are organized in a logical way, showing smooth transitions between ideas. However there are some grammar mistakes in the following sentences: “in the beginning of the paragraph”, where instead of in there should be at; “to state a clearly and informative topic sentence”, “encompasses clearly topic sentence”, where instead of clearly there should be clear. Furthermore, this sentence “Moreover, while writing it is important to hook readers, you should use a dialogue and details to generate interest” is not formatted correctly, as if there should be a connection between two parts of the sentence, like “…. to hook readers, therefore you should use …”.

On the whole, the given paragraph explains the topic in a brief and distinct way.


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