Assignment-1 esteemed university. That’s the reason I chose

Assignment-1 Answer-1Having dreams to decide the future in the way you wish is really a big deal in today’s world.

I have gifted to live my future I wish. My desire and foremost dream in life are wanting to pursue my masters at an esteemed university. That’s the reason I chose your university to lay my future plans. I want to do my masters in computer science. Building my career in computer technology in this ever-changing world makes me lead every day a new challenging day. This degree in your university really helps me lay a better foundation and a path of success to my dreams in achieving my career.I’m Anjali Gupta, an undergraduate student in computer science engineering at Vishveshwaraiyya College Of Engineering.

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I learn by understanding and doing things from many challenges. I have faced many obstacles and hard tasks. I have the ability to do multitasking and I try my best to predict what the best for my future is and work my tasks. My parents think I’m a good planner and I have a never-give-up attitude.

This helps me to achieve my goals.When perusing my undergraduate course I gained the knowledge of basic computers & engineering. Knowledge in basic programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, C#. Software concepts like Data structures. Hardware languages like VHDL. Packages like MATLAB, MP LAB, MI-POWER.

BackEnd concepts like SQL server.The courses covered all the fundamentals related to Computers but it’s not sufficient to enlarge the thorough knowledge and understanding of the current technologies. That made me feels the need of undergoing a graduate study. That geared me up to apply for the courses offered at your university. The union of people from various nations and different race, culture, and philosophy influenced me more.

I would like to conclude, I’m thankful if I’m offered an admission in your esteemed university with financial support. I would be performing best of my abilities and enabling to express myself. It’s a final opportunity to succeed in my dream.


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