Assignment biomedical signals. These are the observations of

Assignment -1
Biomedical signals
Submitted by – Simarjeet kaur
Date – 13th august, 2018

Science is a study of physical and natural world through observations and experiments. It consists of different branches and biology is one among them. Biology is the study of internal cells. The biologists study internal organs of the body such as cells, DNA, genetics, physiology of the body. Development of science made human life easy.
As our bodies are constantly communicating information about our health. So, this information can be measured through instruments that measure heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, brain activity and so on. These measurements are taken at a particular time for the patients. All these measurements are analysed using biomedical signals. These are the observations of physical activities of humans, ranging from gene and protein sequence to tissue and organ images. Moreover, it aims at extracting information from biomedical signals. With the help of biomedical signal processing, biologist can discover new biology and here is a science friction story, about a biologist who tried his best to discover something new about the DNA. Let’s see how successful he was in his discovery.

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In Delhi, there has been a college lecturer named Issac. He was born in a middle class family. He was a biology teacher. He was always passionate of doing experiments and locating more theories in Genetics. He was recognised among the nation’s top 5 geneticist.
Issac and his wife don’t have any children. He has done lots of experiments in designing human DNA and as a result two sons were born to him conjoined each other above their waist with common heart. He was leading a beautiful life with his wife and his twin sons. His family was always proud of his achievements and experiments. With his hard work he has brought out a new dietary product in the market named ‘origin’ which was sold for last 15 years .This protein was famous among the children. Compared to other protein powders ‘origin’ has a very good market in India as well as foreign.

His company began to grow. The competitors were trying to pull the company down in many ways and try to find the secret of the product. Anyhow to make his company down the competitors even informed food and safety department that the product is not good for the health of children. But on investigation, the protein powder was not found unreliable and it gave more customers to the company and once again his company reached at the peak.

Still the competitors cannot bear loss to their company and now a girl named Sarah came to know the company’s trade secret of the product. She tried her best but she failed. Afterwards, she meets head of the R&D department and by offering the money he reveals some of the information regarding his company product to Sarah. He tells her about the failure of the product and also tells her that the reason behind that failure could not be found yet. So, to get into the company Sarah made Issac sons Jacob and Cynac as friends .Jacob, the laziest one was not curious about these things but the smallest son Cynac understood the fact and argued with his father on that, as he came to know about the hidden harmful effects of the product. On asking several questions from his father, Issac tells him that these are rumours, don’t believe such stupid things.
On the next day, Jacob and Cynac woke up with the news that Sarah died in an accident. They got pen drive by post which Sarah sent to Cynac before her death. Meanwhile, Issac came to know about the pen drive and sent people to get it.They tried to get pen drive from Cynac but they could not. Then Issac accidently made Cynac brain dead. So, immediately operation was held and two brothers were separated. During operation, by mistake Cynac died and then Jacob who got the pen drive later began to investigate on the files in the pen drive which showed the real vision of his father. He could find that there is some dangerous steroid in the formula of ‘origin’ and no one could find it using normal lab test.

Jacob understood that the same product ‘origin’ was given to the players and athletes of Australia during common wealth games. The news spread at that time and all the athletes of that country died in a plane crash .But Jacob found that they suffered with the side effects of his father’s product that killed them. Every person who drank that energy drink in games has kidney, heart, nervous system and brain disorder by the steroid and they were found half paralysed, skinny and mentally unfit. The country on courtesy of them didn’t reveal to the rest of the world and didn’t investigate against the product from the scientist and doctors treating the athletes.

Jacob who reached back his country informed all authorities and handed them over the remedial ingredient. On investigation, they found the higher amount of steroids in the protein powder which could make one person active for certain period and slowly destroys their kidneys. Jacob also understood the wrong motive of his father that, without thinking of his babies he tried to do experiments on the DNA of his sons thinking them as a model.

Issac got arrested by the police. Issac told his son that he wanted to generate a super human being. For that he doesn’t care about the entire world but was bothered on his research only. Issac also reveal that Cynac and Jacob were born by his experiment but it was a failure. Issac combined the talents of ten persons in the DNA of the zygote through baby designing. Later, Government took initiative and started giving treatment for the people who used to take ‘origin’ to protect the next generation. Jacob was awarded for his consideration and patriotism towards his country.
In conclusion, we can say that everyone has his own talent that is God gifted and one should use it in a proper way rather than misusing it.


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