Assignment (HIV) ,STD,hypertension and heart disease are

Assignment 3Student Name: P NtlemoStudent Number: 63175967Which is the most likely utilitarian option? And why do you say this?It is option B: according to my view is that in order for population to grow or to get bigger, there should be the suffering of one or more people, which will lead to blessing in disguise, where the death or pain of others is the benefits of others What do you feel about this option?This is very painful situation and totally unacceptable, because no child deserves to die because of suffering from acute malnutrition while there are many things to do to save the lives of those children Under Chapter 2: Bills of Rights, section 27(1) of the Supreme Law of the Republic South Africa (constitution) has confirmed that “everyone has the right to health care, food, water and social security”. This is a very terrible situation where children die due to poverty where they lack nutrition because they do not get a healthy food.

Those disease such Tuberculosis (TB), Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) ,STD,hypertension and heart disease are likely causes of death because their immune system is very weak due to lack of healthy food. Street children are the ones who suffer because they eat stale foods that they get from dustbin or any foods they see on the street. The result of this situation it is because those street children cannot maintain themselves because they can afford to buy healthy foods and the lifespan of those street children is very low where they die before time because of unhealthy foods. They sleep in a discomfort of the places because of homeless and that will result in being beaten, injured or sexually abused because of unsaved place and that will be result in getting diseases such as HIV and STD. Which option did you choose?I chose option EWhy do you think your option is the correct one?I think my option is correct because poverty must be prevented regardless of the cost of money because the life of one child is priceless once is taken there is no ways you can regain or bring it back unlike any property once is take can you can reclaim it as long as someone is still alive he/she can regain it and by preventing poverty that will result in reduction lack of basic needs.

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Let me conclude by stating law which is related to this option Chapter 2: Bills of Rights, section 11 of the Supreme Law of the Republic South Africa (constitution) has confirmed that “Everyone has the right to life”.


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