Assignment This means that all powers come from

Assignment 5Student Name: P NtlemoStudent Number: 63175967Is this ok?No, it is notI think there is inequality and discrimination in the company where Nicky Oppenheimer is working, and I think the causes of inequality can either be gender or nepotism. First inequality can be caused by gender, since nowadays some women sleep with their boss (shareholder) just to get promotion or to earn high salary, second inequality can be caused by nepotism, and where employee is related or known by boss (shareholder) can cause high salary of income. 1.

An analysis of the inequality described using John Rawls’ two (three) principles in their correct order PRINCIPLE 1 – GREATEST EQUAL LIBERTYSouth Africa is a democratic country where its power and rules depends entirely on the legal resident of the country. This means that all powers come from the residents of the country, where they elect their leader in form of election or decides on which political party should form part of government election. South Africa is ruled by Supreme Law (Constitution), which states that the interest of the people must come first.

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The basic human rights of South African citizens are found in the Bill of Rights details in Chapter 2 of the Constitution. This Bill of Rights indicates that society or residents have the rights to complain if their rights have been violated. The Bills of rights have been enacted to protect all the citizens’ rights of the South African. But even though laws are there still the rights of the people are violated.

I say this because citizens are staying shacks while they are entitled to RDP, and also they are drinking unclean water with animals while they are entitled to clean water, because services are not delivered to them. According to Administrative Section 25 stipulated that People must lodge complaint about unfair action taken by institutions of the state or government or dissatisfaction of the public services . They must ensure that institutions to treat them fairly and to operate according to fair rulesThe resident of they do not benefits from law and justice, for instance people who come from poor background they do not enjoy equal freedom to law unlike privileged people. I am saying this because if marginalised people (poor people) who commit serious offense are likely to get arrested unlike privileged people who can be protected to get arrested because of their money or well-known. For instance our former President of the Republic of South Africa and wife of the former president Zimbabwe who has beaten South African’s girl, but nothing has done about it because she is the wife of president. This is wrong because the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996 has confirmed the Rule of Law where it is stated that the people including the president and government are not the highest authority, because even they must obey the law and the law describes what may not be done and will stop wrong things being done, and when these wrongful actions have been done, the person who has done it will be punished according to the law.

. PRINCIPLE 2A – EQUALITY OF FAIR OPPORTUNITYPeople in South Africa are not treated equally with fair opportunity, because learners with disability are restricted from public school, due to their disability and also restricted from workplace. The same also applies to women in South Africa are not allowed to work in some jobs because they consider women not having ability, and this is constitutionally wrong because the Supreme Law of the Republic South Africa under Bills of Rights Section 9 has confirmed that “everyone has the right to equality” This means that no person shall be discriminated on the grounds of race, gender, colour, culture, sexual orientation, social origin, age, disability, belief and languages.This indicates that any black learner should study receive quality education they deserves like white learners without restricted by his or her colour of the skin and also that a person can get any job he/she deserve and appointed on merit not because of their colour or famous.PRINCIPLE 2B – THE DIFFERENCE PRINCIPLEInequality in South Africa is a big issue, where it is caused by social class. Unequal distribution of wealth is the cause of inequality in our country, where poor get poorer and rich get richer.

The government has realized that inequality is a big issue and it has implemented measures to solve this issue. It has implemented measures such as Absent of Quid pro quo to solve imbalance between poor and rich, where it try to ensure that rich people do not receive services they have taxed for. 2. An analysis of the inequality described using John Rawls’ veil of ignoranceAccording to my opinion, veil of ignorance can cause inequality, where people who worked hard and invested his time and effort to get their talents or education get equal share similar to those who did not even try to invested their effort on their ability, for instance people who drop out at high school and got job are given same salary similar to the people who have degree, honours,etc. with experience, that cause inequality and turn to be unfair or unreasonable, since their effort turn to be nothing.

3. My opinion on the inequality describedMy personal view is that inequality is caused by nepotism, discrimination and principle of quid pro quo. 4. My explanation of why I hold this opinionNepotism is unfair and injustice because people should not be appointed because of they are related to Human resource stuff or because of gender, colour and disability, they should be appointed on merit and on qualifications. Nepotism is the cause of inequality because as we see nowadays people are no longer hired on merit system, where qualified people with qualifications are appointed. People are hired because they are related to Management of the institution or they are famous and for that reason if person does not know anyone in the institution or department must forget about getting job, especially if a person come from disadvantages family.

This is way government has enacted law which is Employment Equity Act to solve this issue of nepotism and discrimination. Quid pro quo means something for something. I am saying that inequality is caused by Quid pro quo, where high tax payers expect to receive more public services than less paying one which is unfair. In South Africa, there is law like PAYE (Pay As You Earn) which indicates that high income earners like Nicky Oppenheimer should pay high tax. High tax payers like Nicky Oppenheimer are the one who receive more services than less paying one.

I am saying that because as we see in our country there are rural and urban areas; less paying one like poor people who stay in rural areas does not receive services/infrastructure unlike urban areas where people like Nicky Oppenheimer where they receive infrastructure like road, water, etc. This is unfair because all people should have more access of public services without considering how much they are taxed on their income. In education field there is inequality because private schools is differ from public schools in that they receive more resources and qualified teachers than in the public schools where learners receive their books late and also they hire unqualified teacher like those who do not have post qualification of teaching. This is unfair because public learners should get quality education irrespective their background.


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