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ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGE SURNAME Kumar INITIALS P STUDENT NUMBER 22731695 CONTACT NUMBER 00971559775720 PROGRAMME NAME Spinneys Management Development Programme MODULE People Management FACILITATOR Ms. Lynne Bezuidenhout DUE DATE 01.06.2018 NUMBER OF PAGES 15 CERTIFICATION I certify the content of the assignment to be my own and original work and that all sources have been accurately reported and acknowledged, and that this document has not previously been submitted in its entirety or in part at any educational establishment. I hereby also confirm that I have read and understand the contents of the USB-ED policy on Academic Integrity The Prevention and Handling of Plagiarism (as per Annexure C). ___PASSPORT M2313421 ___ ______________________________________ SIGNATURE OF PARTICIPANT ID number for assignments submitted via e-mail _________________________ SIGNATURE OF LINE MANAGER (If required according to programme rules) FOR OFFICE USEDATE RECEIVEDTABLE OF CONTENTS TOC o 1-3 h z u HYPERLINK l _Toc515279832 1. INTRODUCTION TO SPINNEYS 3 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279833 1.1. Introduction to Spinneys Fresh Food Industries (SFFI) 3 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279834 2. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT PAGEREF _Toc515279834 h 4 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279835 2.1. Why is it important 5 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279836 2.2. Employee Engagement Strategies at SFFI PAGEREF _Toc515279836 h 6 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279837 3. COACHING 8 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279838 3.1. Coaching Session PAGEREF _Toc515279838 h 10 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279839 3.2. Feedback on the coaching session form Mr. Diluksha PAGEREF _Toc515279839 h 13 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279840 3.3. Coaching Reflection PAGEREF _Toc515279840 h 13 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279841 4. CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc515279841 h 15 HYPERLINK l _Toc515279842 5. REFERENCES 15 INTRODUCTION TO SPINNEYS Spinneys retail chain was founded in Alexandria, Egypt in 1924 by Arthur Rawdon Spinneys. The company has been operating in the UAE since 1961, and over the years have gone through many changes as the companys commitment to innovation and delivering quality products with exceptional service. In 1995 Spinneys acquired the Fine Fare Commercial Complexes and opened a distribution center. Later in 1999, Mr. Ali Al Bawardy took 100 ownership of the Spinneys Dubai Group. Today the company is involved in distribution and marketing of consumer goods and liquor products, Supermarket retailing, food services and export of consumer products. Spinneys manages 60 stores across UAE and Oman. UAE being a multicultural hub Spinneys aspires to speak a common language with respect for all regardless of culture, race or religion. Spinneys achieves the same through strong teamwork and commitment to a harmonious relationship across and beyond the organization. The organization has employed staff from various countries and cultures and this mix of nationalities has provided a unique insight to an operating environment, enabling Spinneys to continuously improve customer service standards and product offering. Spinneys today has over 3000 staff from over 30 different countries in the world, serving to about 100,000 customers on a daily basis, in over 60 stores. Introduction to Spinneys Fresh Food Industries (SFFI) Spinneys operates a world-class meat processing facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai called Spinneys Fresh Food Industries LLC, which is one of the largest chilled meat processing units in the region. The site has implemented and practices international industry best practices like HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in Food Safety. The facility produces over 250 lines, including raw cuts, sausages, burgers, meatballs, marinades, kebabs, cured products, cooked lines and dry meats with the help of 120 staff members working in two shifts. The morning shift that operates between 5 am and 2 pm is the main production shift with other support departments like cleaning, maintenance, backdoor and office staff working together. The afternoon shift operates between 10 am and 7 pm is mainly for cleaning and to carry out any after shift maintenance works. Currently the factory has employed staff from various nationalities including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnamese and Sri Lanka. Some of the employees have been with the company for over 15years. The factory operates at temperatures below 10deg C and handles different type of meat products including Chicken, Turkey, Beef, lamb, and Pork. This facility allows the company to have direct control over freshness and quality, ensuring the availability and uniqueness in range. SFFI is also the first meat production facility in the region to introduce Modified Atmosphere Packaging for fresh meat, allowing a higher level of food safety and longer shelf life. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Employee engagement is the extent to which people are personally involved in the success of a business (Ms. Emma Bridger). But this does not mean a happy employee because an employee can be happy at work but not necessarily committed to working hard or productively to achieve organizational goals. Some might even confuse employee engagement for employee satisfaction. This only indicates how happy and content an employee is. A satisfied employee might turn up for work and keep himself busy but might not take any extra effort on his own. He lacks motivation, involvement, or emotional commitment. A lot of companies today does employee satisfaction survey and make changes accordingly. But this does not necessarily lead to increased productivity. More often it leads to frustrated high-performance employees. In other words, engagement is an emotional commitment, enthusiasm dedication that an employee has to his work. They feel responsible for the performance of the organization and would often like to feel their efforts make a difference. They work hard to achieve organizational goals and not only for paychecks or promotions. An engaged employee looks for ways to tackle new challenges, accepts positive change and would expect all to be accountable for delivering results. They want the business to succeed because they understand and relate to the mission, vision, purpose, and value of the organization on a personal level. All engaged employees are happy but not all happy employees are engaged. According to statistical analysis report by, two components can be considered as primary factors that encourages employee engagement and these reports are supported by industry research. These are Organizational Factors These are factors that relate to how employees relate to and connect with the organization. These are the culture of the organization and its strategic alignment. The Culture of an organization decides how an employee is motivated, empowered, challenged respected. Whereas strategic alignment is the understanding of the employee on organizational goals and their role in achieving it. Engaging with the organization includes confidence in the organizational leadership as well as trust, fairness, values and mutual respect. Managerial Factors This deals with how a manager demonstrates skills and behaviors to be effective leaders. A manager can do so by Motivating and relating and by Managing Execution. Most effective managers are great at motivating employees, building a strong bond with them and at the same time able to provide clear expectations, accountability and keep the employee focus on delivering results. Engagement with manager includes feeling valued, being treated fairly, constant feedback and having a healthy working relationship with the manager based on mutual respect. Why is it important Engaged employees are self-motivated, with defined roles, understand their role in organization success, invest in personal and professional development and are connected to their team and organization on a deeper level. This in turn results in Improved performance Innovation Increased loyalty Better retention of good talents Increased sense of health and well-being Decreased healthcare cost Improved bottom line Improved service, quality, and productivity Improved customer satisfaction Increase in sales which translates to higher profits According to Service-Profit chain model theorized by Harvard Researchers shows a link between profitability, customer loyalty, and employee engagement. This model states that organizations must create conditions for employees who are engaged and satisfied, which in-turn create valuable, loyalty-inspiring customer and ultimately results in increased profits and shareholder returns. ( Employee Engagement Strategies at SFFI Communication A lot of problems within or affecting an organization can be resolved over proper communication methods. Company values, morals, mission, roles responsibilities, rewards etc. need to be properly communicated in an organization, for it to be effective. All employee require frequent and easy access to all job-related information and communication tools to execute their tasks effectively. In other words, ineffective communication could have an impact on employee productivity. Good or effective communication is never easy to achieve, it takes a lot of planning and practice a set of ground rules would always help to get it right. What employers have to keep in mind is that every employee has a desire to be a part of something big and be valued. This can be achieved by making sure they are a part of the communication loop and this also helps establish trust and bond with the employers and the organization. Action plan to improve communication at SFFI At SFFI more than often all communication does not pass all the way down the organogram. Also, it has been noted that the internal communication process has not been consistent over the years. As mentioned earlier it is not practical to achieve effective communication overnight, but it is important to ensure all message is conveyed down the chain and as frequently and consistently as possible. To start with all department managers has to agree with the employee in the right mode, frequency, and level of internal communication. It is important that the employee understand what, how and when they can expect information from their employers employers must ensure they adhere and deliver on their promise. Considering the kind of operation that is carried out at SFFI, meeting ones a month to discuss company strategies and employee expectations can be considered as effective. During such meetings, care must be taken by the employers to ensure 2-way communication. That is not only is it important to share company strategies but also need to consider employee feedback to understand how the new changes could affect them. The manager must ensure that employees are active participants, i.e., give and receive information, in the conversation and does not feel dictated. We can all agree that emails are not necessarily the best means of communication. Although emails can serve as a traceability record for communication views can be shared and concerns can be addressed much easily and quickly when communication is face-to-face. Moreover email or messages can be interpreted in many different ways by different readers, which would affect the actual meaning and emotion of the message. Before workgroup meetings, open door manager rooms, suggestion box, social media etc. can be considered as some of the best means of communication. Health Wellness Today considering business pressure and limited manpower to carry out the task, most employees work long hours under tight time constraints. It is not news that health and wellness of the employee is a significant factor that influences their productivity, wellbeing and overall performance. A study done by Gallup found that 62 engaged employee feel their work positively affects their physical health. This value drops to 39 for non-engaged employees and 22 among those that are actively disengaged. Employers must understand that caring for an employee health is not a matter of nice gesture. A lot of organization today has realized that investing in the health and wellness of their employee only saves them big bucks in the long run i.e., absenteeism, health care cost and productivity loss. A study conducted by Harvard Business School shows that for companies that invest in employee health and wellness actually saw nearly 31 return in money saved. Organizations today must focus on improving or creating long-term health and wellness strategies and incorporate it into the companys culture. Another study published in Annals of Internal Medicine highlighted that the American work-life is having an extremely harmful effect on the health of American workers. That is jobs that involved a lot of sitting, bring with it a lot of negative health effect in the long run, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes etc. Action plan to improve Health Wellness Health and wellness strategies must be fun, competitive (to an extent), voluntary, applicable in the long term, promote positive mental health and will always add advantage if employees also have access to good nutrition. Due to the short working hours, most of the employees at the factory are open to spending the rest of the day as they please. Conducting activities like fitness challenges ones a week can promote mental health and team spirit. Participating in these programs should be voluntary and not forced. When working in a factory, it is quite obvious that the job they do on a daily basis involves plenty of physical labour but they also come with a lot of health effects due to the cold temperatures in the production rooms and tasks that are repetitive. Involving in weekly competitions or yoga or strength training can help relieve muscular joint tensions and thereby reduce any negative effects in the long run. In addition to group fitness activities job rotation is also something the factory could consider to avoid health effects from tedious repetitive activities. In addition to these, the factory could also look into sourcing packaged meal for a minimum price for all the staff. A healthy meal plan could be prepared for the employees and this could be something they would prefer considering the amount of time and effort it would take to prepare food for their normal working hours. COACHING Definition Coaching is a collaborative process between a manager and an employee that focuses on discussing targets, identifying opportunities for improvements to achieve targets, and planning for employee development wherein the coach facilitates the employees self-realization of growth opportunities through probing questions and discussion. ( Coaching at work unlike coaching at sport requires a completely different approach. In sports, a coach is required to be demanding to get most out of their players but in a business, good coaching is not about demanding or being forceful but is about collaborating with the coachee (employee) to identify target and plan for performance improvement. Workplace coaching is a competency most managers need today and a very difficult skill to master. Coach here is only a medium to help the coachee self-realize his development opportunity by asking specific questions and challenging them about their methods in achieving them. Coaching is usually done taking into consideration the current performance of the employee against the organizations performance indicating factors and can help the help them with career and personal development. Benefits of coaching Increase in employee performance Increase in employee competency Employee feel strong ownership of their own development Better job satisfaction High retention rates Employee focus on continuous improvement Coaching is less costly than training At Spinneys Fresh Food Industries, I am in-charge of managing a highly motivated and efficient team that ensure the products that leave the factory are safe for consumption and another team that manages all cleaning activities in and around the factory. The factory currently has a total count of 120 employees, most of who are well experienced, highly trained and very efficient. The factory work in 2 shifts morning shift (5 am to 2 pm) which is a combination of a whole lot of activities which include Production, cleaning, maintenance, receiving and dispatch. Whereas the afternoon shift (10 am to 7 pm) is only to carry out deep cleaning of the entire facility and maintenance works. Due to the nature of the business, the employees are expected to and trained to achieve daily targets with the highest efficiency. All employee are picked up from their place of stay early morning for work and dropped back after their respective shift by a company vehicle. As managers, we create an environment where they can concentrate on their work with minimum distractions and ensure they stay motivated and engaged. Mr. Diluksha Madhushasan joined the cleaning team as a cleaner back in December 2017. He is 23years old from SriLanka and was in Dubai on visit visa at the time with his wife. He joined the team as an enthusiastic individual with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. As a company rule, he was on probation for the first 3 months and was confirmed in April 2018. Mr. Diluksha was an above average performer in the first 3 months but he always spoke about wanting to grow in the company. Over the past few weeks, I have been receiving quite a few negative feedbacks from his supervisor and his colleagues about his poor performance and lack of enthusiasm in supporting the team to achieve daily tasks. As a result, the others members of the team have to work a lot harder to complete their daily job. I have been watching his work to understand the truth of the situation and to learn if any external factors were actually affecting his work. I have observed in many occasion that Mr. Diluksha was very distracted, the energy I had seen in him when he joined the firm was not there anymore and I have also seen him take more breaks in between work to make phone calls. The team has been really upset with him due to his lack of support. I understood something external was clearly affecting his work and to make things worse over the last 3 weeks Mr. Diluksha has been absent at work on multiple occasions without notice. I decided it was time to coach him and understand what was affecting him and help him realize what he could do to engage himself at work. Coaching Session Preveen (During my routine morning rounds) Good Morning Diluksha, how are you today Dilukhsa I am good Mr. Preveen, How are you Preveen I am well Diluksha, thanks for asking. Listen, I would like to speak to you in my office at 11 am, after your lunch break. I have been noticing a change in your approach to work and recent absenteeism. Nothing to worry about, I would like us to discuss and understand what is going on. Diluksha (in my office at 11 am) May I come in Mr. Preveen Preveen Yes please Diluksha, please have a seat. I hope you are well rested and finished your lunch. Diluksha shook his head, and I offered him a bottle of water. Preveen Diluksha, like I mentioned earlier there is nothing to worry about because this meeting is not about punishing you but, I would like us to have a conversation to understand the factors affecting you from delivering results expected from you at work and also regarding you recent absenteeism. Lets just call this a coaching session, where I will be your coach and you will be my coachee, I would like to understand what is bothering you and hopefully when you walk out of here, you go with a positive mentality and with a solution to deal with them effectively. I would really appreciate your honesty and openness during the session and that is the only way I can help you. Diluksha Yes sir, I understand what you are talking about. I have some problem and that is why I am not able to focus. I will fix it and I will improve. Please give me few days and it wont happen again. Preveen Diluksha, I respect you, reassuring me that you will try and make things better. But I would like to know how you are planning to make things better. So tell me more about the problem. Diluksha Sir, I have a problem waking up at 3 am to catch bus. Morning shift is very difficult to manage because I sleep at 10 am almost every day but my roommates come back home late and make a lot of noise. I cannot sleep after that and have to be up at 230 am to get ready. All roommates start work late so they sleep all night but I have to be up early. They come home and cook and talk to family on the internet and it disturbs my sleep. Preveen Why are you and wife not staying together Diluksha She is working in a saloon and they have given her accommodation. It is a ladies apartment and sharing with other people is the only way we can save some money. That is also another problem, we meet only during our day off and now because of my sleep timings, I am not able to talk to her every day, which is creating a lot of problems between us. Preveen Is that why I see you on your phone during your working hours Diluksha Yes Preveen How do you plan to deal with the problem now Diluksha I will try and talk to my roommates to keep it quite while I rest. Preveen And why did you not do that till now Diluksha I tried before but they dont listen. I have tried addressing this with them on many occasions but they dont seem to understand because I am the only one with the problem. Preveen So that might not work, why dont you change your apartment Diluksha It is very difficult now to change apartment because we signed a contract which will end only by November 2018. I have to find another person to replace me if I have to break my contract which is very difficult. Preveen So talking to roommates might not help, moving out is not an option then what else do you think you can do to deal with the problem Diluksha (with a little bit of hesitation) Sir, I think if you can change my shift to the afternoon I can manage to get some sleep at night. I know that I am new and you do not assign any junior team member in the afternoon shift I can assure that I will be able to support the team well like any other, if not better. I can get home by night and sleep around the same time as my roommates. This will help me refresh and rest well for next day. I also believe it will solve my time problem and I can also find time to talk to my wife because she is also back home around the same time. Preveen If you are on the day shift, you generally get home by 3 pm or on a busy day maximum by 4 pm. If I understand correctly your roommates are not home, so why dont you use that time to get some rest Diluksha I have been trying to do that for the last 2 months. But it is very difficult for me to get sleep. I am lying down on the bed for more than 1hr every day but I am not getting any sleep. This is why I am not able to focus on work, because I am not able to get enough rest before and after work. Preveen As a procedure, you are aware we do not assign afternoon shift till you are properly trained to manage the entire work. As you are aware the workload is more and there are limited team members. You think you are ready to take up the challenge Diluksha Yes sir, very confident that I can. Give me a chance and I will prove it to you. It will help me deal with all the problems and after my contract ends I will find a suitable place to shift and then I will manage my timing better. Preveen Ok, maybe we can start off and see how you do for a week. If you are able to manage your work then we can think about long-term. Diluksha Thank you that will be very helpful. I can work better and you will the result in no time. Preveen You welcome, but remember we can do the adjustment and keep it permanent only if you are able to manage the work on your own and deliver results. We will meet again a week later in my office same time to share our feedback and see how you are managing your work. We will also meet same time every week for constant feedback to monitor your progress. Diluksha No problem sir, I wont let you down. Thank you again for understanding and your support and I am sorry for my poor performance. Feedback on the coaching session form Mr. Diluksha How did you find the coaching session How do you think the coaching session helped you Did the coach consider your option Will that help improve your work performance How did the coaching session help motivate you to do better Coaching Reflection I believe I made a clear introduction of the topic of discussion with Mr. Diluksha also giving him ample time to prepare himself for the discussion. I also choose to have the meeting after lunch break, this way he wouldnt feel under any pressure and well rested after all the routine morning work. I also managed to maintain a calm atmosphere as I made it clear to the coachee, Mr. Diluksha that the meeting was only with the intention of help him manage the situation and not with the intention of penalizing him. I ensured he was well aware of the objective and that I appreciated an honest conversation. I believe I asked the right question that provoked him to open up about the situation in his personal life that was affecting his work. It would have made a better impact if I had started the conversation with a positive remark to boost his confidence in the conversation and to reassure him that his good work is being acknowledged as well, instead of getting straight to the topic. Although with a little hesitation at first Mr. Diluksha was able to open up about his situation at his house. As he explained how it was affecting his mood at work and his relationship with his wife I was able to understand the factors that were pulling him back from delivering his best at work. I encouraged Mr. Diluksha to widen his thought process to come up with solutions to the issue he is currently facing. He was able to think and suggest a few options which he agreed wasnt practical when I challenged him. He finally suggested a change in his shift temporarily to help him deal with the problem. We have dealt with similar situation in the past and by a change in shift we have seen a lot of change in their attitude to work, especially with absenteeism. His shifts will been adjusted starting the next week and the effect that will have on his approach will be monitored. He has agreed to meet me every Thursday to exchange feedbacks. Communicating InstructionsOne of my strengths (Although not a part of the coaching session)Setting Performance GoalsOne of my goals was able to set a goal for Mr. Diluksha at the beginning of the coaching session.Providing FeedbackOne of my strengths (Although not a part of the coaching session)Rewarding ImprovementOne of my strengths. I failed to demonstrate the same during the coaching session.Dealing with FailuresOne of my strengths (Coaching session is an example)Working with personal issuesOne of my strengths (Coaching session is an example)Confronting difficult situationsI do ok at this (Although not a part of the coaching session)Responding to requestsOne of my strengths (Coaching session is an example)Following ThroughOne of my strengths (In the coaching session I have set feedback meetings every week for feedback)Listening to understandOne of my strengths (Coaching session is an example)Motivating othersOne of my strengths (Coaching session is an example)Assessing strengths weaknessesOne of my strengths (Coaching session is an example)Building rapport and trustOne of my strengths (Coaching session is an example) CONCLUSION Employee engagement is a very old approach and is attracting a great deal of interest among employers across various sectors because of their desire to improve employee motivation and achieve commitment to the job. The organisation will have to pay a greater penalty if they do not find innovative ways to engage the employees, than the competitors around the globe. A lot of employees today value meaning of work and would like to know they are a part of an organization that provides opportunities to grow along with the organization itself. Team leader involved in any profession today must master the skill of coaching and it is increasingly becoming a part of everyday work life. Coaching helps motivate the employee and help them realize their potential in problem-solving and achieving targets. Coaching is a challenge and not all might have the skill inbuilt but they can be developed through training and practice. Organisations must also take caution when hiring or promoting managers as coaching is a competency most managers today will need to develop and master. REFERENCES https// https// https// Penna (2007). Meaning at Work Research Report. Online Available http// (November10, 2008) http// Development Dimensions International. (2005). (Predicting Employee Engagement MRKSRR12-1005 Development Dimensions International, Inc., MMV. Online Available (October 30, 2008) http// https// http// PAGE MERGEFORMAT 15 Fig. 1 SFFI Organogram Fig. 2. Engagement Engaging Factor Fig. 3 Service-Profit Chain Model Fig. 4 Coachee Feedback 1e6SkjJGGN8TaF5ycuwyvuoo) 7vcWIvzF. gXgNcS93eEBg_MV,[email protected]_sG.9Jwqo3ZXxGb)-tPwSnGWY(NZq466
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