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naoual El Malhouf
Tue 11/6/2018, 11:45 PM
working with children involves being aware of some legislation and rules and comply by them. there is also a code of conduct that should be followed by teachers in order to reflect a good image of oneself and the organisation the teacher is working for.

below is a summary of the key aspects of legislation
Children Act (2006)
this act focuses on children well-being and this includes:
being healthy
providing a safe environment
helping children enjoy life
making a positive contribution in their life
achieving economic stability and well being

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A child welfare is of paramount importance. A teacher should provide a safe environment. Both physical and intellectual so learning can take place. in other words, the classroom should be safe (refer to checklist). and students should show respect to each other. As a teacher I should remind them of the ground rules and the importance of complying to them. inappropriate behaviour and disruptions should be dealt with immediately. the teacher should also be proactive when dealing with bullying or discrimination of any sort.
I think a teacher should be very attentive to a child behaviour and health to spot any kind of neglect or abuse and liaise with other professionals inside or outside the organisation. I believe every child is different and the teacher’s role is to appreciate this difference whether it is cultural, religious… or personal ie a trait of a character because when children are valued, accepted and supported, they thrive.

Equality Act (2010)
As a teacher I should be aware that it is illegal to discriminate anyone on the basis of age, disability,race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage,civil partnership, pregnancy, breastfeeding and maternity.
I should treat students fairly and professionally and avoid any favouristism
Make sure everyone ideaview is respected
Address any form of discrimination appropriately
Liaise with colleagues and other professional to identify students with learning abilities
Celebrate diversity and take into account students’ social, cultural and religious background when planning lessons for instance use different resources and materials and include pictures in handouts etc…


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