Associated activities especially in meriview activities and providing

Associated with the use of videotaped in learning activities especially in meriview activities and providing feedback, the use of videotaped feedback or video feedback has been done by some previous researchers. Do Thi Quy Thu and Dang Thi Cam Tu (2014) in their research entitled “Impacts of Video Recorded Feedback in Public Speaking Classes: An Empirical Study” found that video-recorded feedback had both an influence as well as a student’s positive attitude toward feedback this type. Furthermore, the results also imply the potential application of video-recorded feedback on EFL learning in Vietnam and similar contexts in Asia.

Next, B.A. Andeweg, B.M.D. van der Laaken ; M.

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A. Swennen. (tt) in their study entitled “Giving feedback on recorded presentations in a Virtual learning Environment” found that care-oriented learning to provide careful commentary on a peer’s performance provides a richer evaluation of the student’s own presentation. Furthermore, Amanda Ritchey (2012) in her research entitled “The Use of Video Feedback and Self-Monitoring to Improve Public Speaking Performance” found that the use of Video feedback provides mixed results.

However, overall, the use of self-directed video feedback improves public speaking performance. Finally, Nicole M. Donovan (2016) through her research “The Effects of Video Feedback on Public Speaking” found that the use of video feedback reduces the anxiety of all research subjects in public speaking from pre intervention to post-intervention.


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