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At first, I would’ve never chosen plastic surgery. After research, it proved to be the one.  Plastic surgery is sometimes thought to be bad. Many people assume that it is to look better or change your body in an unnecessary way. That is not always true though.

Plastic surgeons help people who have gone through surgery or have had a variety of diseases affecting their body. When people have to undergo surgery in which tissue is removed from one area and inserted into another, they may need plastic surgery. The surgeons reconstruct the area so that their body can heal and look pleasing. These people also help lift the self esteem of patients. They don’t like how their body looks and after surgery, they will be able to feel comfortable in their body. The reason I chose this profession was because I have a doctor in my family.

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My father is an Internal Medicine Physician. He is knowledgeable about many fields such as radiology and cardiology. I wanted to research an area that he and I both don’t know about. I was going through lists of medical fields, as I knew I wanted to be in the medical field. I saw plastic surgery and my face lit up. It is such an interesting topic that I just wanted to learn more about.

I also wanted to change what people thought about plastic surgery. It does not always have a good vibe to its name. Plastic surgery is much more than what it is thought to be. There are many different things that are important when researching a specific job. Things such as pay, benefits, college requirements, universities, and the duties and responsibilities. The salary for a plastic surgeon in the state of Michigan is around $344,000- $390,000.

In the US, the average salary is around $311,965-$463,023. Their pay also depends on their level of experience. With 20 or more years of experience, these surgeons can make up to  $400,000 or more dollars. In 2011, 54% of plastic surgeons earned $300,000 or less in the year. 30% made between $300,000- $500,000 throughout the year. The top 16% earned $500,000 or more in the year.Their pay also depends on where they live.

Different areas in the U.S. make different amounts of money. If a surgeon lives in the Great Lakes region such as Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio, they can make a median salary of $339,500. The median salary in the Mid-Atlantic states, such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia, is $335,000. The regions following, in order from highest median to lowest, North Central states, South Central states, Southeast and Northeast, and finally Northwest and Southwest. Before becoming a plastic surgeon, these people have to go through residency.

It is like an internship and training, as well. The residents get paid a stipend each year. As you go through residency, your pay becomes higher. First year students make $50,000. $52,000 is the stipend for second year students.

$56,000 and $61,000 is the pay for 3rd and 4th year students, respectively.On top of pay, plastic surgeons also get many benefits. Benefits such as 401k, health insurance, retirement benefits, disability insurance, and eye and dental insurance. Although these are good benefits, not every plastic surgeon receives it. Only plastic surgeons that are employed by a hospital, will receive these benefits.

If they own and run their own practice, they do not receive any benefits. This is only because private practice surgeons make a higher salary. It eventually may even out because self-employed surgeons have to buy their own benefits. During residency, you also receive benefits.

Residents receive many more benefits, but they make much less money. Residents receive health and dental insurance, disability options, sick leave, 21 days of vacation, 7 days of educational leave. It doesn’t just stop there. They also receive book allowance, gym facilities, and meals while they are on duty. All together, residents still receive less than practicing surgeons. These benefits are required to be given to all residents by their place of residency. When becoming a plastic surgeon, it doesn’t just stop at medical school. You have to pass medical school and become a M.

D. A M.D.

is a doctor of medicine. That is received after medical school is completed. It still does not stop there. They later have to go through residency. In residency, three years is spent learning General Surgery.

If wanting to pursue plastic surgery, 2 years of Plastic Surgery must be completed after General Surgery. If these people are wanting to go more in depth and become a specific plastic surgeon, such as cosmetic surgery or burn management. They must then pursue a fellowship. It’s hard to find a good medical school, but there are so many in the U.S.

If wanting to pursue plastic surgery, then there are very schools to get started. Some very good schools in the U.S. are Johns Hopkins, UCSF (also known as University of California at San Francisco), UC San Diego and Pritzker. These are just some of the most prestigious schools in the country.

Money also comes into play when choosing the right university for you. Some fine schools that won’t break your bank account are San Antonio School of Medicine, UT Southwestern, and UNC School of Medicine. These schools make it easy for everyone to get an equal chance to pursue their dreams. The job outlook for a specific profession is very important. Plastic surgery is becoming a booming business because the currently working generation is becoming elderly. They may want plastic surgery to keep up their health and looks. Also there is a high demand for celebrity plastic surgery because as they grow older, they may want to keep up their health to keep up their fame.

Also the working force may develop problems that prevent them from continuing on with their jobs. This may require plastic surgery because they need their jobs to plan for retirement. Many more jobs are also being created in this field. The decade between 2014-2024 will provide a 14-20% growth for employment in this field. This would provide around a whopping 99,300 jobs in the U.

S. The competition for this job is very high and it is ruthless. For more jobs to be created, it would allow for more people to enter this field.


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