At There may be oily surfaces in

At Present work is proposed at working of an auto-motion controlled machine that canclean the floor of house-holds. Once the machine is in ON mode it will move all over the surface without leaving any part of floor space. Again the machine should avoid the object on its path.

Proper cleaning is achieved by spinning of the scrubber which is relatively rotational in manner. The floor should be dry after the process is complete because wet floor leads to different sort of problems as discussed. For this purpose vacuum pumps have to be used. The cleaning also meet challenges like which type of debris it will be? So dry cleaning arrangements are installed. This leads to proper cleaning when heavier particles are there as debris particle. Thus leading to proper cleaning of the surface. There may be oily surfaces in some cases.

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To counter act this situation necessary cleaners are to be used. 4 wheel drive mechanism should be used for proper control of the machine. To control all the motors and vacuum pumps basically micro controller of Aurdino UNO type can be used.

Ultrasonic sensing techniques for avoiding obstacles are used. Basically we are to design a portable machine that could move automatically all over the floor surface avoiding obstacles and cleaning the floor.


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