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At the second stage is when you have thought through what you want to say and placing it into a form of communication, this could be anything from speaking to sign language. The third stage is sending the message to the other person, you can speak it to them, sign it, write it down or use other methods of communication with others. The fourth stage is the other person receiving your message, they receive it by however you have sent it to them depending on the method of communicating that you have used, e.g. talking. The fifth stage is the other person decoding the message you have sent, all though that is not always easy the other person will make assumptions to what you have said, the final and sixth stage is the other person understanding your message.

If the person fully understands your message then everything should go well unless they don’t fully understand what you are saying, they don’t always understand the message the first time round.An example of this in a health and social care setting could be attending a doctor’s appointment. An individual may have the idea that they might be unwell of some sort, this would be the first stage of the communication cycle. The person then may take further action and book an appointment with their doctor to see if they could help them in some sort, this would be the second cycle of the communication cycle as the individual would have put their thought into a code. The individual will then go see their doctor and discuss what is wrong in several communication techniques an example could be talking or signing if you have partial hearing or none at all, this would be the third stage as they are sending a message to the doctor. The doctor would listen to the individual so they can receive the message and fully understand, this would be the fourth stage, the doctor should then decode the message so they understand and can help the individual.

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If the message is fully understood the doctor will be able to help the patient out and help them get better if they possibly can, this would be the final and sixth stage where the message has been understood.


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