At children to learn about. After comparing

At times I think about where I want my future house to be; a big city or a small village I like the idea of living in a community with many different aspects for my future children to learn about. After comparing schools and better opportunities. My mind marks it down to big city life One thing I always think about if you were to live in a village, is that the air is cleaner. Even though we all breathe the same air, Village air is purer and fresher due to less vehicles passing around and more plants growing. Although big cities have a lot of business centers and factories to help improve the standard of living it also causes a lot of pollution.

Air pollution is also caused by a lot of vehicles and people in cities tend to cut a lot of plants and trees down to make room for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Schooling in the two areas have the most influence on my decision. Schools located in cities have an outstanding academic reputation, but that’s less common in villages. According to Andrew Koricich, an assistant professor of higher education at Texas Tech University.

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Koricich studies showed that about 64 percent of rural students purse post-secondary education, compared to nearly 70 percent of students who live in metro areas. 47 percent of rural students chose a two-year institution, compared to about 38 percent of students from metro areas. Some students from rural areas may feel uncomfortable or intimidated to transition from a small community to such a vast university in a big town. It also depends on higher tuition, shying away from high pay and opt for a community college that is less pay an


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