Atomic table. The periodic table is set

Atomic Structure Pre-Lab Study Questions 1. Describe the set up of the periodic table. The periodic table is set up in vertical and horizontal rows. Horizontal are periods and vertical are groups. The groups contain elements with similar chemical and physical properties.

2. Where are the alkali metals and the halogens located on the periodic table? Alkali- group 1A Halogens- group 7A

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3. On the following list of elements: Mg, Cu, Br, Ag, Ni, Cl, Fe, and F, list the transition elements _Cu, Ag, Ni, Fe, Mg______________________ and list the halogens ___F, Cl, Br _________________

4. Complete the list of names of elements and symbols: Name of Element Symbol Potassium K_____ ___Sodium_______ Na Sulfur _S____ Phosphorous P Nitrogen __N___ _Iron_________ Fe Magnesium _Mg____ Chlorine__________ Cl Copper __Cu____ __Silver________ Ag

A. Physical Properties of Elements Atomic Physical properties (Look up the following elements online to find the properties listed below)

Element Symbol Atomic Number
Color Luster Metal/ Nonmetal

Al 13 Silver Shiny metal

C 6 Clear, black dull nonmetal

Cu 29 Red-orange shiny metal

Fe 26 Gray dull metal

Mg 12 Gray/white dull metal

Ni 28 Silver shiny metal

N 7 colorless dull nonmetal

O 8 colorless dull nonmetal

P 15 Colorless White Yellow Red Black violet
dull nonmetal

Si 14 Reflective blue
shiny metal

Ag 47 white shiny metal

S 16 yellow dull nonmetal

Sn 50 gray dull metal

Zn 30 gray shiny metal

Q.1. From their positions on the periodic table, categorize the following elements as metals (M) or nonmetals (NM). Na_m____ S_nm____ Cu_m____ F__nm___ Fe_m____ C_nm____ Ca_m____

Q. 2. Give the name of each of the following elements:

a. Noble gas in Period 2:___Ne______________ b. Halogen in Period 3:____Cl_____________ c. Alkali metal in Period 3:___Na______________ d. Halogen in Period 3:_____Cl____________ e. Alkali metal in Period 4:_____K____________

B2. Element Metal/Nonmetal Shiny or Dull Chromium Metal Shiny Gold metal Shiny Lead metal Shiny Cadmium metal Dull Silicon metal shiny

C. Subatomic Particles Element Atomic Number
Mass Number
Protons Neutrons Electrons
Iron 26 56 26 30 26 Aluminum 13 27 13 14 13
Potassium 19 39 19 20 19 Bromine 35 80 35 45 35 Gold 79 197 79 118 79 Iodine 53 127 53 74 53

D. Isotopes Nuclear Symbol Protons Neutrons Electrons

40Ca 20
40 20 40
20 Ca 42

20 22 20
43Ca 20
43 23 43
20 Ca 14

20 24 20

46Ca 20
46 26 46

Q. 3. A neutral atom has a mass number of 80 and has 45 neutrons. Write its complete symbol. 80Br35

Q. 4. An atom has two more protons and two more electrons than the atom in question 3. What is its complete symbol? 82Br37


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