Augmented ability to both provide additional information

Augmented reality is one promising technology to have ever existed in our era given its benefits towards various fields. Tech giants get to crash minor competitors regarding sales because of their ability to invest in information that minor companies have no access to. Analyzing this information in a way that it becomes useful can be very extensive and expensive at the same time for these minor companies to manage.

Nevertheless, this is where augmented reality comes in. The technology tries to condense this whole process of relaying information within your vicinity that only you can see at a more affordable price. The beauty of this technology is on its ability to both provide additional information on an environment and mask off unwanted information from your vicinity through computer-mediated reality. It is the distinction between virtual reality and augmented reality where one loses users touch with reality while another doesn’t (Henderson, 2009). A measure of intelligence is on one’s ability to relay information and for a very long time machines have overpowered humans by the perception of providing close to comprehensive data when in reality they require our intervention to perform.

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Introduction of argument reality changes the whole narrative by making humans the real heroes. With the rate at which the world is hungry for access to useful information, augmented reality has a very high probability of taking over the Tech industry (Burdea,1994). It happened before, and it’s going to happen again when smartphones revolutionized tech industry back then in 2007 when Steve Jobs walked on stage holding a smartphone in his pocket. The potential for the wearable computer is not limited given its ability to cut across various fields: military, flight training, education, architectural designs and medical.

The medical field involves a gamble with one’s health where the perception of risk and benefit is often at play. Benefits involved in risk is directly dependent on the type of medical institution one chooses to go to, where advanced medical institutions, in this case, have a milestone over their counterparts because of the technological advancements such as augmented reality in their operations. With the first wearable computer in stores in 2005 referred to as near infrared vein finder the real-time image details that augmented reality can produce has been able to transform the medical field in a significant way. According to Burdea (1994) Surgeons can now determine whether a patient is suffering from stroke through this technology within the emergency room as opposed to before when it would take several tests and analysis to come to this conclusions, this process could take weeks if not months depending on the medical institution conducting this. The technology has reduced the risk involved in operations that before required much care not to cut vital organs through displaying anatomical structure in the augmented reality lens, imagine all the nerves and blood vessels highlighted during operation, what could go wrong in case of an operation? Even a non-experienced doctor or medical student can conduct the same operation without any fear.

it is clear that augmented reality is a vital technology for any operation moreover the technology also benefited the military industry. It hurts to lose a soldier in combat just because they lost little focus or were ambushed. According to Schirier (2005), 40% of wars are lost through the ambush which is to mean that The AR technology, in turn, is this life-saving technology that was heaven sent to help brave soldiers keep on protecting their citizens from the enemy. In early years of 2013, the US military force introduced Smartcam 3D augmented reality in their telescopic cameras to aid in locating anything that might interest them other military units such as Russia and German have followed suit(Schirier, 2005). The system worked in such a way that it could show an unreal view of a given are of the surrounding camera and this is the catch the system helps soldiers by improving awareness in case of any danger by displays real-time activities through live videos. Another perfect example is on combat where the AR technology can work as a communication system wherein a battlefield data is collected through the worn VR kit where marking is indicated within the surroundings from the base to indicate enemies to help both those in combat not to make blunders. These markings are made from the command center. Finally, the AR equipment helps to display what was previously a load of information on a big screen to a small wearable device that displays necessary information to a given individual at a time, in this case, these details are only necessary to this specific individual.

It is now clear that the technology that we previously thought was only applicable to games and watching movies can now be used to save lives and not just saving lives but also a learning materialFor those whose passion in technology-related ideas is not that deep AR is a new concept in the 21st century but in reality, the idea has been in existence since time in memorial (Matron, 1981) the only thing that has been changing with the technology is on how it is applied primarily in learning field. Concepts such as google sky map can help geography students identify stars using their phones another AR advancement towards the learning industry is the fetch lunch rush app that incorporates mathematical problems to teach mathematical skills to elementary students. The technology incorporates real-life scenarios which incorporate visualization concept when solving mathematical.

Geogoogle assists geography students in judging distances towards a given destination concept of longitudes and latitudes learning, in this case, is made possible by applying this technology to the real world calculations of altitude is possible in this case with the 3d compass. Finally, we have the Zooburst app that helps students in elementary schools to create a story by designing books that incorporate 3D characters benefits of the app include assisting students in presentations and also helping them with complex ideas that cannot be explained in a simplified manner. Augmented reality technology is the trending tech that enables learning to be efficient ‘innovative and interesting given the new ideas and software’s designed to achieve its optimum results the same way pilots enjoy when they master the art of aviation. The fantasy of flying a Boeing loaded with passengers has been everyone’s dream when he or she was a child; however, the more complexity and risks involved in aviation are realized one draws that vision out of his mind slowly. Augmented reality technology, however, is here to reduce the risk and complexities involved. According to Philips (1978), 85% of plane crash accidents are as a result of errors from pilots. Augmented reality is the solution to the increasing accidents of planes given its ability to train pilots. However, pointing the finger at the pilot for the errors when the real problem is the pilots not knowing better is rather unfortunate the switches can be confusing at times and if not handled professionally they can result to causing accidents.

One major problem is making timely decisions with the vast information at their disposal can be solved by incorporating AR technology, infect at the moment fighter jets have this standard HUD that displays crucial information on a piece of glass to help the pilot during a mission. Then to the AR technology lightning, 2 flights have installed the technology on pilot’s helmet to give them awareness in case of any discrepancies within the 360 degrees vicinity. These augmented applications designed to help pilots are worth the wait since they can help pilots avoid mistakes that might end up killing more people.

Structural designs are also made possible through this innovation.The tempting creativity that augmented reality brings on board in the architectural industry is modifying it to a better and more reformed industry into bringing the creative designs to life. AR can no longer be ignored given that it is a tool on every professional’s toolkit. To have a clear understanding of how AR can be applied in architectural designs, its best to first understand tools that the best suit working in the architectural industry (Thomas, 2000). These tools include: ARki, storyboard VR, pairs, smart reality and fuzor, however, our emphasis focuses on the primary tools used by .by professional architects. ARki in this case visualizes models for architecture through 3D models on a surfaced plan it also assists in analysis together with selection of materials this is work simplified as compared to before when everything was manual.

Another tool that is very key in architectural designs is the storyteller storyboard which incorporates sketched work and uploading it allowing other designers to either criticize or provide alternative solutions. Finally we have the smart reality app an augmented reality app that overlays models over construction plans that are already printed to create 3D projections of projects. In as much as the architectural field is taking advantage of augmented reality technology. It is far beyond its optimum exploitation process. Other than in architectural designs the technology is also applicable in broadcasting and live events Adoption of the AR technology in the broadcasting and live broadcasting is beyond any reasonable doubt optimized in full within this field. According to Dowman (2005), 20% of content within the broadcasting stations is accurate AR graphics from the weather forecasting to sports analysis.

Weather visualization in the sense that when it’s time for weather forecasting mapping of images captured from other devices together with 3D graphics symbols are mapped on a model referred to as geospace model. Its application in sports is rather evident during match analysis they are also used to advertise in sporting events by overlying a variety of advertised products one at a time. During swimming sports event or athletics AR technology is used to determine the winner in case of a contradicting tie allegation. Another benefit is in soccer where offside calls are confirmed through this technology there is also the goal line technology that previously denied teams goals that were openly seen as being in. The future of augmented reality in this industry is also fast approaching and would incorporate users interacting with programs they are viewing the technology would also allow for objects to be placed and moved within the computer interface.

The far we have reached has taken longer than we expected therefore the technology is beyond two decades away Enlarged reality may nicely affect work cooperation as individuals might be slanted to associate all the more effectively with their learning condition. It might likewise energize inferred learning restoration which makes firms more focused. AR was utilized to encourage coordinated effort among disseminated colleagues by means of gatherings with neighborhood and virtual members.

AR errands included conceptualizing and talk gatherings using necessary representation utilizing touchscreen tables, intelligent, advanced whiteboards, shared plan spaces and appropriated control rooms. Complicated errands, for example, get together, support, and embedding’s extra data disentangled medical procedure into the field of view. For instance, marks were shown on parts of a framework to elucidate working directions for a repairman performing support on a framework. Mechanical production systems profited from the utilization of AR.

Notwithstanding Boeing, BMW and Volkswagen were known for fusing this innovation into sequential construction systems for checking process enhancements (Squire, 2007). Huge machines are hard to keep up on account of their different layers or structures. AR grants individuals to look through the machine as though with an x-beam, directing them toward the issue immediately. The new flood of experts, the millennial workforce, requests more active learning to share arrangements and more straightforward access to quickly developing information bases. Increased reality offers an answer for that.The idea of wearable computers has without any reasonable doubt taken over the 21st century with a bang terrorizing almost every field that it has a chance of taking charge. There is no news to see people interacting or abnormally reacting to things shortly the dream of humans conducting error-free operations is close to reality through this technology.

With the wearable computers at hand what was previously thought as impossible is now close to possible. The ability of humans producing an error-free output these wearable computers have bridged the bridge that was previously there between analog and digital world. All you now have to do is download the AR apps on your smartphone and think like a computer. However, for this technology to provide optimum results, it requires realistic images that can be beneficial to the end user and in the most cases application designed by some programmers might not make this cut providing a dull output to the end user


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