August 31st 2017 marks 60 years of Malaysia`s

August 31st 2017 marks 60 years of Malaysia`s independence.From all the hardships,blood,sweat and tears our country has now evolved and developed into a a modern economy and society. As a country that is still growing and developing, there are still many fields that needs to be achieved and polished such as in the technological field, educational field, medical field, and economical field. Although our country`s current situation is well within its comfort zone, it is still not enough as we need to strive into greater heights in order to be as good as or even better than the current world dominant countries.This in general, is my vision for our country, Malaysia. To be more precise, my vision for our country by the year 2050 is that our country will become a strong economical figure and a more prominent nation in the world. A country`s economical figure can be interpreted by the living standards of its citizens.

In Malaysia the main issue that needs to be addressed is poverty. This is solely because there are still jobless and homeless people out on the streets. The reason is because Malaysia has a very high cost of living but less job opportunities due inadequate explorations in certain fields. Therefore my vision for our country is so that poverty will completely be eradicated by the year 2050. My next vision is on our country`s educational field which is far more advanced and at the same time moulding students into critical thinking and giving out opinions and ideas.

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A change in mindset and teaching style especially the spoon-feeding teaching style will help students to engage in decision making process and to not always depend on their teachers and parents. With the modern technology used in the education system and the change of the syllabus into a higher level, students will be trained to give out opinions that are constructive and productive to shape our Malaysia. In addition, voices from many age groups can be heard and they can be trained to give out ideas that are futuristic,vision orientated to make a change in our Malaysia. The heart of development begins from the youth, and therefore I believe that we youths play an important role in achieving the vision for our country.Our youths need to


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