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August Wilson was born April 27, 1945.Wilson faced a lot of racial discrimination in school. This reached a peak in high school when he was accused of plagiarism.

This might be the main reason why He wrote Fences in 1983.The story deals with a family facing racial discrimination . August Wilson shows that experiences from one generation can negatively affect the lives of the next generation; he shows this through the deteriorating effects of a father-son relationship, the father’s refusal to permit his son to follow his dream of playing football, and the son’s refusal to attend his father’s funeral. This results in the son needing to form new “Dreams.

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” Troy seems to have a complicated relationship with every other character in the play. This applies especially to his relationship with his son, Cory. Troy and Cory have many similarities and differences that complicate their relationship. One of the differences that complicate their relationship is that they grew up in completely different time periods. A great change happened between these time periods. This issue itself causes many other concerns.

Cory is a very talented athlete. In one scene, we see Cory try over and over to engage his father in a conversation about baseball, but Troy constantly ignores him. Later in the play, we actually see Cory pick up Troy’s bat and attempt to hit the rag ball in the front yard the way his father does.

Cory tries to be like his father by playing sports but this is the issue that tears them apart later.Cory would like to play football in college and would probably receive a scholarship, but Troy does not want him to play.Troy said Cory would be better off not going to football practice,but working at the A&P store instead. Cory tries to reason with Troy by giving him examples of how African American athletes can be successful, Cory says, “The Braves got Hank Aaron and Wes Covington. Hank Aaron hit two home runs today. That makes forty-three”(Heard, 5)But still, Troy refuses to see any opportunity and tell Cory, “Hank Aaron ain’t nobody.

” (Heard, 5)This father-son Conversation makes one think that Troy may be jealous of Cory.He is getting opportunities that Troy never had in his day because of his skin color. Now his son is being recruited by professional teams to play for them. Troy refuses to let his son play football, claiming that he doesn’t want Cory to suffer from the same sort of heartache . Troy may be against this because he doesn’t want his son to live a dream that he will never be able to achieve.

This makes their father son relationship interesting, but troy is wrong. He is filling Cory’s heart with hate by not letting him follow his dream. Troy has not changed with the change in time . He is still living with his bad memories from the past which are now affecting him, his son and the entire family. Troy’s wife, Rose, supports her son in pursuing a future in sports and warns Troy that him not letting his son play sports may have major consequences later.Troy yells at her and does not listens to her and does whatever he thinks is right . One of the greatest sources of disappointment in Troy’s life is that he wasn’t allowed to play pro baseball.

Though he was a homerun king of the Negro Leagues, he couldn’t graduate to the major league because of racial discrimination. Cory and Rose still dont give up hope and keep trying to make Troy change his mind. Cory: “The Pirates won today. That makes five in a row.

” Troy: “I ain’t thinking about the Pirates.” ( Daniel,2)Cory constantly tries to connect with his father, but Troy almost always finds a way to reject him. Here one can see Cory try to start a conversation about baseball, but his father instantly rejects it. Everyone around Troy tries to make him see that times have changed, and that Cory will have a better chance. His wife Rose tells him, “They got lots of colored boys playing ball now. Baseball and football” (Myles,7).

Troy’s best friend, Bono, says, “Times have changed, Troy, you just come along too early” (Myles,7). Cory points out to his father several current black baseball players, like the famous Hank Aaron. Troy dismisses all of this and tells his son, “The white man ain’t gonna let you get nowhere with that football noway” ( Daniel,9). Even after these explanations that things have changed,Troy is not ready to accept it even though he knows deep in his heart that things have changed.Troy: “Got that boy..

.that Puerto Rican boy…

Clemente. Don’t even half-play him. .

. .”Cory: “.He gets lots of chances to play.”( Barbara,7).

Troy tries to argue that baseball is still racially segregated. It seems like times have changed a lot more than Troy is ready to admit. He is not ready to accept this because of his ego.He thinks that he is always right and if he accepts that things have changed, his ego would be hurt. Instead of allowing his son to pursue football and college, Troy destroys his son’s dreams, refusing to sign the permission paper and preventing the college recruiter from coming. Due to Troy’s action,Cory hated his father. Cory does not talk to his father anymore and does not follow his instructions.

Cory accuses his father of doing this out of jealousy, saying, “You just scared I’m gonna be better than you, that’s all” ( Myles,5). On some level, this may be true. Troy never admits this, though. He tells Rose, “I got sense enough not to let my boy get hurt playing no sports” (Myles,5). In Troy’s mind, he did not destroy Cory’s sports career out of jealousy, but to do his duty as a father and protect his son when he goes wrong. Troy puts an end to Cory’s football dreams due to both his own bitterness and an urge to protect his son. Troy loses his son forever. Troy misses the mark by doing the wrong thing for what he believes are the right reasons .

Troy’s behavior eventually destroys his family. On the day of Troy’s funeral, Cory informs his mother that he won’t be going to Troy’s funeral.”I’ve got to say no to him.

One time in my life I got to say no,” Rose goes off on him. She says being disrespectful to the memory of his father isn’t going to make him a man.Cory says Troy was like a shadow haunting him all his life. (Snodgrass,11). This conversation shows how Cory has been affected by the rules and restrictions that Troy imposed on him, These restrictions and Troy’s behavior impacted him so much that He refused to attend his father’s funeral. Rose tells him that he’s just like his father.

Rose explains that Troy tried to make sure Cory didn’t turn out like him, but in the process he did just the opposite(Snodgrass,12). Troy did not want Cory to turn out like him. All of his efforts came to nothing in the end as Rose says “Cory is just like his father”(Daniel,6).Troy always made his decisions based on his experiences from the past, and This is the same with Cory now , as he is deciding to not go to his Father’s funeral due to his hate for his father in the past .

Cory didn’t wanted to be like him father he By the end, The reader gets to know how one’s actions drastically affect the other person.Decision should be based on the present, not the past.One must to realize that things change over time and different results are possible. Troy constantly misses his goals or expectations in life by not listening to his family, and by forcing things on his family that he thinks are right when they are not. Troy never really cared about relationships. Rose loved Troy but Troy did not care about her.Troy: “You all line up at the door with your hands out.

I give you the lint from my pockets. I give you my sweat and my blood. I ain’t got no tears. I done spent them.” ( Susan,15)It seems like Troy sees his family as a burden.

It’s almost as if he sees himself as the only one who is running the family. Troy tries to fulfill his responsibility toward his family but in doing so damages his own family.Troy speaking to Cory: “You a man. Now let’s see you act like one.

Turn you behind around and walk out this yard. And when you get there in the can forget about this house.”(Birdwell,10).Troy thinks that Cory is old enough to take care of himself now. He kicks his son out into the world to earn for himself. To Troy, this is how a boy becomes a man,by making his own way in the world.

Troy is trying to fulfill his responsibility of making Cory a successful person but not realizing that it is not the right way to do it. He is destroying the father-son relationship by doing this.Troy would come back home late at night.He thinks he is never wrong and always does the right thing.

He fails to be a good father and a good husband, leaving his family in pain.


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