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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are disorders in neurodevelopment with impairments in social reciprocal interactions and repetitive pattern of behavior and interests. According to an England survey, one percent of the population is said to be ASD. Associated offenses with ASD include stalking, fire setting and sexual harassment and violence though a bigger percentage of ASD are law abiding (Allely, 2017).
In respect to the human service profession, ASD is only seen when you know about it according to Johan Cruyff autism is the extreme male brain. During the old age female were busy in raising children, socializing and cooking which all entailed empathy by understanding the environment and perceiving other peoples’ intents and feelings whilst men were hunters and protected the community from outside attack which entailed perseverance and detailed observation to be focused on their task’s which is more of a male trait in being detailed and digital thinking is applied in the scientific development and agriculture. Therefore men and women with autistic traits have done a lot of innovations and contributed immensely to scientific progress. Geniuses are brilliant but when you take a closer look at their behavior they appear odd or eccentric they appear too absorbed with their work it’s hard to know of their feeling of happiness. There is need of earlier diagnosis of ASD to be able to nurture the capabilities of these individuals to set up scientific research and therefore make them valuable to the human service profession by discovering their area of expertise and getting a foothold of what best they can offer but there are also downsides to people with ASD where they have diminished decision-making abilities, an overt urge to please people in authority and impulsivity (Correa ;Van der Gaag, 2017).

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Allely, C. (2017). A systematic PRISMA review of individuals with autism spectrum disorder in secure psychiatric care: prevalence, treatment, risk assessment and other clinical considerations: Journal of Criminal Psychology 8(1).
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