Babies starting walking or introducing new thinks

Babies can go through many expected transitions from waning to solid food, or be cared by another person such as childminder or moving to the nursery, or starting walking or introducing new thinks like toilet-training. Also children can experience many transitions in their life, from starting the preschool, moving up to primary school or moving to another school or separating from a person.
But the unexpected transition can be harder for children like the arrival of a new baby to the family, changing the school or the childminder provided for the child, the family problems like violence or abuse, the separation of parents and introducing a step-parent or possibly new step-family or the death in the family, or transitions like having a serious illness or passing through an accident. As well, the attachment of a person, a toy, a pet or any objects can provide them a sense of security when children begin to explore the world and become more independent and curious, and loosing or separating from that person, the child becomes insecure, frustrated, or even can have an traumatic impact on him. Is important that all those experience that the child is going through to be well managed and give support to the child.


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