Background in relation to the change project .Recommend

Background information Starbucks Task 1, Analysis of the key stakeholders in relation to you chosen organisation and change project. You must make reference to appropriate tools and theory. Task 2 strategic relationships that your chosen organisation has with its stakeholders in relation to this change project.

Make reference to appropriate tools and theory.Task 3 Evaluate the different communication methods that will engage that key stakeholders in relation to the change project .Recommend with justification,the most communication method for each key stakeholder.Task 4 Resistance from stakeholders is inevitable in major change projects. Analysis how the organisation might identify and manage such stakeholder resistance, make reference to appropriate tools and theory and give examples where possible https://www.

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2015.2015.issue-1/cris-2015-0002/cris-2015-0002.pdfThe primary target audience was found by evaluating information from focusing in on those that drink ground pre-packaged coffee in the home. another target audience is women 20 to 45. A secondary target audience is men aged 20 to 45.They understand that Starbucks is more than just a brand of coffee, but instead, it’s an experience that a person is savouring in the morning during their coffee time.Starbucks is the global house and coffee chain company,was founded since 1971, incorporated in 1985 in Seattle, the United States.

In 1983, Howard Schultz traveled to Italy and became captivated with Italian coffee bars and the romance of the coffee experience. He had a vision to bring the Italian coffeehouse tradition back to the United States. Since then, it has successfully established almost 16120 coffee shops in 49 different countries.Among these stores more than 13000 coffee shops are located in United States.

It started selling a variety of coffees and soft drinks,Tazo teas; pastries and also produce coffee- and tea related items; such as espresso machines and coffee brewers and music CDs and some fancy items like coffee mugs with Starbucks logo otherwise the brand name of Hear Music Starbucks entered into music division. Moreover It has some books and movies related to the locality of the stores along with some seasonal and specific company products.In many countries at various grocery shops Starbucks has selling ice-cream with its brand name. Starbucks operates in the industry is quite competitive in markets ,the major competitors of Starbucks are two companies operating in the specialty eateries industry – McDonalds and KFC — Task 1, Analysis of the key stakeholders of Starbucks Company and change project.Starbucks has been successfully expanded its business operations both domestically and internationally, emerging as one of the leaders in multinational food chain industry, over past years.

As it becomes such organisation with its achievements and milestones, Starbucks has shown its focus on building strong relationship with stakeholders, and initiated several approaches to maintain a good term with them. Generally, the main stakeholders of Starbucks can be categorised as following.Internal stakeholders – include employees, investorsExternal stakeholders – include environment/communityConnected stakeholders- include customers, suppliersEmployees”Every Starbucks is a little bit different.

The reason is simple. The people.” said by Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks (XXX, XXX). Employees, such as baristas and other partners, can be seen as given a crucial role by Starbucks in its definition of stakeholders. There is a wide range of diversity, differ in age, gender, ethnicity, working time, employed in Starbucks branches across its global franchising line. These employees may generally be in demand of conditional working environments, job safety conditions, and better wages. Starbucks can normally be seen offering better pay wages, which are above the minimum. Moreover, since 2014, Starbucks provide its own scholarships eligible to its employees, in act to support of their education advancements, as part of the major CSR activities of the organisation.

However, there are still some segments, that Starbucks can make the improvement, for instance, unbalance demands of working positions, upper management, available for the employees. CustomersWith the belief of the customers as one of the most important stakeholders in its priority, Starbucks understands the value of customers and shows its care for them in almost every plans and actions. The interest of customers is mainly the promise of high quality in their purchase of food, along with expectation of good customer services. In addition to their interest, customers hold the power of nature, in such as, purchasing products from the competitors. In order to satisfy the needs of customers, Starbucks efficiently put its best efforts, in such developing localised products with promising quality, and improvised staff training to provide a friendly interaction and warm customer service between customers and the employees. Suppliers It is critical to maintain the healthy relationship between an organisation and its suppliers, to run the daily chain operations smoothly and efficiently. Suppliers of Starbucks are wholesale supplying firms and coffee farmers. The major interest can be specified as the growing demand of their supply.

Although there are a lot of coffee suppliers, from those global branches and its franchising series, Starbucks ensures not only to engage the supply from various local resources through its Suppliers Diversity Programs, but also to exercise the trade and transaction be fair, with those farmers. Moreover, the firm practises the consistency efforts, such as, Coffee and Farmer Equity (CAFE), to make sure that the supplying coffee farmers are paid on time with proper fair rates. Community A business should be operated in a way that is more than a business. Realising and accepting the decisive power of its environmental community where the business operations take places, Starbucks genuinely strives its honest efforts to contribute back for the welfare of the environment. Under the corporate social responsibilities programs of the organisation, by applying the very own CAFE programs, Starbucks has been developed the environmentally sound relationship in wherever it is launched, and maintains the healthy terms with the community. Furthermore, Starbucks is aware of the community’s potential interests over the ethical issues, cultural diversity, uprising sustainability problems, and working environment safety concerns, of the organisation, and is indeed always trying to sustain the harmony between in-work environment and outside activities by focusing on promoting and developing more effective CSR programs and activities. Investors Like the other usual organisation, Starbucks address its investors as the stakeholders and important part of the organisation.

This group of stakeholders, generally has the interest over the company’s good financial performances, for examples, return on investments and the value of stocks. As the commitment to satisfy the needs of investors and according to the annual reports, Starbucks has been shown to be doing well in operating the stable business and generating profits from its international coffee franchising.


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