BACKGROUND to establish the relationship/impact between people

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYAvatar is a personalized graphical illustration which represents computer user, or a character or alter ego that represents that user. In the virtual world or games, they are often in three dimension while in internet forums there are in two dimension.

In recent times, avatars are widely used for online role-playing games and integral part of internet chat, messaging and artificial intelligence.This case present the opportunities and market of advantages of avatar in virtual space, avatars is an icon or figure representing a particular person in a video game and Internet forum.SUMMARYAvatar is gradually replacing marketing, as marketers has been struggling to understand how people spend time in the virtual world to learn about different products and brands. Marketers have struggle to establish the relationship/impact between people checking brands virtually and in the real world. The Sims 4 is one of the various sites that create avatar that represents their look alike, fantasy creatures, individual of opposite gender amongst others.

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Some of the uses of avatar includes purchase of products, attending an event, helping consumer to have better online experience and learnings about different brands, hosting of business meetings amongst others.Marketers can leverage on avatar by gaining insight about how consumer learn about brands by analysing the behaviours of avatars in the virtual settings.CONCLUSIONThe impact of avatar in business, organization (educators) cannot be over-emphasized, many establishment have continue to explore and leverage on the impact of avatar in the virtual worlds. Opportunities abound for establishment are the hosting and organization of business meeting online and encouraging employees to develop their avatar, holding of online forum for students by some universities, some institute have encouraged the students to build their avatar to discuss current issues.From the above argument, it is left to be seen whether or not marketers would matter in years to come in marketing as the future looks bright and geared towards the deployment of avatar for marketing, communication and proffering business solution.


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