Background of the studyThis research

Background of the studyThis research focused on the utility of computerized inventory management in the manufacturing industry all over the world as well as in Zimbabwean organizations. Just like all organizations world wide Zimbabwean organizations are also striving for exceptional performance in directive to be universally competitive. Technology has instigated revolutions in the organizational environments over the past years and computerization is essential to certify that an organization is operating at maximum capacity to deliver effectiveness and efficiency in the operations and activities Johnson (1995). Thus, organizations in the manufacturing industry primarily use fast moving stock items which prerequisite to be dispersed to the user departments swiftly because they are critical stocks that could hamper productivity so these stocks are vital to guarantee continuity in production.This chapter provides the statement of the problem, research questions, purpose and significance of the study, conceptual framework, assumptions, limitations and delimitations of the study, acronyms and definition of terms and background of the study.


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