Background it ended where the two countries had

Background on the conflict and reasons for a U.SThe 1812 war in the United States was caused by the British restrictions on US trade and the desire of the country to expand a part of their territory. The United States is known to be one of the countries that took over the greatest naval power all over the world, Great Britain.

At one point, it ended where the two countries had to exchange ratifications of the treaty of Ghent. Particularly, the tensions that caused the war came about from the French revolutionary and the Napoleonic wars which took place between 1792 and 1815. Impressment is known for being the major cause for the eruption of the war by the United States against Britain despite there being more significant issues that powered the American trudge or protest toward war. According to research, it is clear that during the first decades of American independence, there was always the feeling of little respect for the young United States from the British government. During the Napoleonic wars, the British government took advantage of the situation and they were so active when it came to meddling with American trade between them and the European nations.How the war changed AmericaChanges take place in every time historical. Currently, Americans do work and communicate in a quicker way by the use of home computers and cell phones than how they did thirty years earlier.

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The political changes that took effect immediately after the war are: in 1823, a leader by the name James Monroe achieved one of his achievement which was to ensure that he passes the Monroe doctrine. This is the doctrine that states that there is no European country that will be allowed to colonize on any north and south continent country. This was done with the aim of hindering British since the British came and interfered with America which later on resulted in a great war. Some of the economic changes that were experienced back in the years did vary from new innovations to the set government policies. After the greatest inventions by Eli Whitney, the cotton gin and the system of the interchangeable parts, the country was able to spur a lot hence causing the growth of the economy as well as industrial revolution. With the cotton gin, there was an improvement in the output of most of the workers and the production of cotton in the country was able to rise from 5 million pounds to about 63 million pounds (Horsman, Reginald).As a result, the south became the leading cotton producers which were being shipped to Britain and the New England.

Unfortunately, with the growth in technology, the cotton gin caused a growth in demand for slave labour hence causing about 33% of the southerners to become slaves. After the emergence of tariffs, there was the protection of American trade. The British usually stored some of the goods during the war and they were able to flood them back to the Americans after the achievement of peace. So as to combat the inundation of some of the imports, the national government decided on issuing a tariff so as to encourage the people to buy some of the American products and so that they can easily stimulate the growth of the economy.

However, the tariff was able to assist in the rebuilding or reconstruction of the federal treasury.Discuss at least three major long-term results of the War.The long-term effects of the 1812 war in America are that the country did not gain a measure of international respect for managing the withdrawal of the empire. The war of 1812 showed some other nations all around the world that America was in a position of defending its beliefs. America and the American diplomats proved to the people that they were ready to defend the country hence causing them to gain more global respect. The most impressive achievement or by-product of the war is the fact that there was a heightened nationalism after the end of the war (Buel, Richard). Again, there was the expansion of the army and the navy which for many people, it is believed that later it caused or played as a very important aspect of American history. At the end of the war, the federalist group or party had died out for good.

This means that there was no more party that was federal in the country. At the end of the war, there was a meeting of the federalists which was held at the Hartford convention. According to most people, the meeting was unpatriotic and it was referred to as treasonous at worst. As a result to this, the federalist’s power was able to decline rapidly hence causing the federalist not to be players on the national stage.

At the end of the war, there was the introduction of many heroes.ConclusionConclusively, the war of 1812, brought about various deviations to America. The war improved the country’s manufacturing and it caused the end of the Federalist Party and it improved the level of nationalism. This is known as the war that altered America for the best.


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