BACKLASH immediately start moving in the negative direction

BACKLASHBacklash can be described as the maximum distance or angle through which any part of a mechanical system may be moved in a direction without applying appreciable force to the next part in mechanical sequence and is a mechanical form of dead band. It is any non-movement that occurs during axis reversals.

For instance, when x – axis is commanded to move one inch in the positive direction, immediately, after this x – axis movement, these x-axis is also commanded to move one inch in the negative direction if any backlash exists in the x-axis, then it will not immediately start moving in the negative direction and the motion departure will not be precisely one inch.So, it can cause positioning error on holes location, if the motion required to drill the holes causes a reversal in axis direction, it also causes loses ofmotion between reducer input and output shafts, making it difficult to achieve accurate positioning in equipment such as machines tools etc.The main cause of this problem electrically is vibrations from electric motor as a result of high ripple torque in the induction motor.

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• Benefits of solving the problem 1. High quality products will be produce.2. Productivity will increase because adjustment and readjustment of machine feeding handle or feeding screw to eliminate backlash have been reduced. 3.

Operational cost will reduced. 4. Greater efficiency will be guaranteed.

5. Greater accuracy and precision of product will be guaranteed.6. Wasting of materials will behighly reduced.


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