Bahai students in Iran are

Bahai students in Iran are denied the right to education and are banned from enrolling in universities or they are expelled without a proper explanation (Bahai International Community, 2018). Iran regime does not recognize the Bahai faith as an official religion and Since the Isl?mic revolution began, university registration forms requires students to show their religion and if they are identifying themselves as a Bahai, they are expelled with no explanation; and also they do not have excesses to their official transcript incase they want to continue their education in other countries (Bahai International Community, 2018). To them Islamic regime, the religion is more important than who’s capable of being more successful.

In one particle case, a student was asked to resign “what is your religion? I said Bahai, he sais; write it down; and I did, he said, you know that according to the Isl?mic Republicans law, you do not have a right to education? I said yes; he said; than warp-up what you need to do and resign. I said, no, you are expelling me from the university, I did not resign. You are expelling me due to my belief” (Iran Press Watch, 2017). Human right is believed to belong justifiably to every person and being expelled from a school due to ones beliefs, that is discrimination against ones value.

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Everyone should be able to do what they wish to do with their life and specially education no matter what they believe in. Being educated does not harm others, it helps the next generation and it creates more opportunities for many.


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