Based sample size has switched from conventional

Based on Chart 4 above shows percentage for yes is higher is because, from the Abdul Aziz Abdullah, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Kuala Terengganu Malaysia, the author of the journal Perception of non-Muslim Customers towards Islamic Bank in Malaysia, the Islamic Banking is really offered product and services in accordance to the Shariah Law as well as principles and subject to Bank Negara Malaysia regulation.However, the conventional bank takes deposits from savers and investor, paying interest on some of these accounts as their investment profit terms. On the other hand, they lend these collected funds to the borrowers, to receive interest on them. In this way, banks make profits from the spread between the rates they pay to the depositors and the rates they receive from the borrowers. The ability of a bank to make a poll from many sources that can be lent to different borrowers makes this flow of funds as the characteristic of the banking system.

By managing this flow of funds, acting as an intermediary between supplier and user of the fund, the bank is generating value for society.From Chart 5 above they have switched from conventional bank to Islamic bank because of interest (riba) factor. However, riba is not the major intention to consumer switched into an Islamic bank, but the service, branch network, and other factors also can influence the consumer to make the decision. Therefore, the greater part of the sample size has switched from conventional banking to Islamic banking due to the interest factor that prohibition of Shariah Law.

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