Based affected by fertility rate, total and

Based on our research, we have concluded that the female employment is significantly affected by fertility rate, total and GDP per capita. When the GDP per capita increases, the country needs more labour force. As women progress for economically better living, they often have to continuously participate in the labour force, which in return further contributes to the rise in GDP per capita.

The increase in fertility rate, total and GDP per capita, has positive correlation with the female participation in labour force. Which eventually leads to higher female employment. Thus, female employment depends on fertility rate, total and GDP per capita.Since increase in fertility rate, total, increases female employment, which eventually further contributes in GDP per capita, governments should implement few policies, to encourage more childbirth. Government should introduce childcare allowance for home staying parents. This will remove the insecurity of losing job to the parents. Instead they will choose to stay at home to take care of their babies. Similar policy being implemented in Finland has shown rise in fertility rate.

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Other than that, governments should give at least 6 months of maternity and paternity paid leave. This will give the opportunity for the parents of the newborn to take care of their child until they can find a proper caretaker for their babies, so that they can go back to work after the leave. Otherwise, they’ll be afraid of losing the job and keep delaying childbirth. Lastly, government can also implement a policy whereby the parents gets allowance and benefits for every babies that they give birth to (Sobotka, Skirbekk ; Philipov, 2010). For instance countries like Singapore gives allowance up to 20,000 SGD for the first 3 babies that the couples have and also gives priority in buying government houses (Roberts, 2015).


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