Based improve their organisation. Unfortunately, the principal

Based on the case study, the principal should not be too over controlling, or in other words, authoritarian. Authoritarian is a way of a person setting rules or giving instructions that everyone has to follow him or her. In other meaning, a person’s freedom has been controlled by another person who has a higher authority in an organization ( As stated in the case study, the principle is too strict in controlling her teachers. She needs to give some freedom to the teachers especially when it comes to communication.

Being to autocratic may lead to unsuccessful achievement of employee’s development in heading towards the goals or objectives in the company ( For example, if the school’s objective is to create a professional teacher, it will be difficult for the teacher to achieve it as the principal is more toward authoritarian.Besides that, communication in an organisation is essential. Firstly, it promotes job satisfaction of the employee. Meaning that, as a leader, it is important to give feedback and listen to the employee ( In addition, the employees should also give feedback to the principal of how to improve their organisation.

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Unfortunately, the principal in this case study is too reluctant to receive feedbacks. Example, she doesn’t want to accept any of the teacher’s ideas or creativity materials in her school. The principal needs to be aware of her attitude as being too controlling may increase the rate of employee quitting. It’s not easy to face a person who is authoritarian. An autocratic leadership will also lead to a stressful environment (Chron). This is because every single thing in the school has to be done according to what the principal wants.

It’s not only stressful, but it doesn’t motivate the employee in working. Moreover, employees will get agitated when there’s a penalty or punishment when they did not follow the instructions of an authoritarian principal. As a leader, teamwork is important in ensuring successful achievement in the organisation. But sadly, the principal only wants everything in the school to be her way. ?


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