Based coin maintains it in its original position

Based on the experiment above, before the fore was applied, the coin and the cardboard were stayed at rest. After the force was applied to pull out the cupboard quickly, the coin was dropped into the upper part of the bottle cap. The applied force on the cardboard was the hand grasping and pulling. The coin was dropped without touching it because the inertia of the coin maintains it in its original position even when the cardboard was withdrawn.Inertia, a property that causes an object to resist any change in its motion or state of rest.

Inertia does not have any units because it is not a physical quantity. If an object is moving, the inertia make the object remain at the state of motion with a constant speed unless some external force was applied to change the motion of the object. Next, if the object is at rest, the inertia make the object to remain at the state of rest unless an external force was applied to the object into motion. The property of inertia is found in the statement of Newton’s Fist Law of Motion. The Newton’s First Law of Motion is the Law of Inertia. The Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object will remain at the state of rest or at the state of motion with uniform velocity unless there is an external force acting upon it.

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The inertia can be affected by the mass. Mass is the amount or quantity of matter contained in the object. The mass of an object is constant because it cannot be affected by the acceleration due to gravity. When the mass of an object increases, the inertia increases. For instance, there are two identical buckets are hung from the ceiling with the same distance from the ceiling. The bucket labelled A is filled with sand whereas the bucket labelled B is empty.

When the force is applied to each of the bucket, the bucket A offers more resistance to movement as compared to the bucket B. When the both buckets are attempted to stop, the bucket A is harder to stop as compared to bucket B. The heavier bucket offers a greater resistance to change from its state of rest or from its state of motion.The inertia is applied in our daily life. For example, the passengers in a bus will lunch backwards when a stationary bus starts to move with a forward acceleration. This is because the passengers in the bus were originally in a state of rest. When the bus started to move forward with an acceleration, the inertia in the passengers made them maintain their original positions which causes the passengers to lunch backwards.

There are a few example of inertia in our daily life such as pouring out the chili sauce or tomato sauce, animals such as dogs or cats shake their body vigorously to dry their wet fur and others.Last nut not least, there are a few ways to reduce inertia in our daily life. For instance, the ways to reduce the effect of inertia in a car. Seatbelts in a car must be used by the driver and the passenger because it can secure the passengers and driver to their seat and prevent them from being thrown forward when brake suddenly of meet an accident.

Finally, an air bag system in a car is a way to reduce the effect of inertia in a car. When an elastic collisions or inelastic collision occur, the air bag will expand automatically to protects the driver and passengers from crashing onto the dashboard in fronts.


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