Based lighting, contrast of colours, and the presence

Based on the presented examples, it can be said with certainty that the horror genre has undergone some changes, and has become more like a hybrid that has signs of a psychological thriller, drama and detective. This was due to the extinction of the audience interest in this genre. To increase the involvement of the viewer, the filmmakers introduced some changes to add an intrigue. The essential elements such as the low key lighting, contrast of colours, and the presence of a monster or a maniac have remained unchanged.Relying on the commercial considerations, it is the genre that determines whether it will be chosen by the audience or not. The main category of viewers who choose the horror genre is teenagers. Why do people like such stories? The answer, strange as it may sound, is in the phobias, which have a huge number of people on the planet, and the heavier the form of a psychological deviation, the sharper and more interesting the plot. People, without knowing it themselves, want to know about the problems and the psychological deviations of other people.

The most important advantage of this genre is that it clearly emphasises the most unpleasant feature of our world. This genre best describes that the most terrible beast on the planet is a man. Also, this genre reveals the moment of deformation of personality and a degeneration of human nature under the influence of various factors.In conclusion, I would like to outline the key points in the development of the horror genre, and also identify the important changes that have occurred in the genre over time. The historical development has always contributed to the changes, adaptation and transformation of various aspects of our lives, and cinema was no exception. A short period of German expressionism defined the artistic formula of the horror film and also opened the huge opportunities for the world cinema.

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Regardless of what scares the viewer now, and what had scared people a hundred years ago, the very essence of the fear remains unchanged at its metaphysical level.The vivid representatives of the horror genre, such as “It”, “Jigsaw” and “Leatherface” have a certain structure and carry all the signs of this genre. Until now, the fear and horror are those unchanging feelings that the audience should feel. The modern horror films have undoubtedly undergone a change. The gothic and gloomy atmosphere, in its classical sense, was transformed. The films began to resemble a psychological thriller and detective in their more extended understanding. The characters of the horror films ceased to be absolute antagonists, and also underwent the changes.

Their biographies have become more profound, and in a sense, accepted by our society. The horror films are perceived as a full component of the cultural process, which helps to understand what we know about ourselves and the world around us.


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