Based outcome from telling a lie. In this

Basedon these pages it explains the general concept of respect. Respecting a personas well as when dealing with honesty. Some ethical views explain how it iswrong to lie to a person even if it brings a better outcome from telling a lie.

In this view it is believed that it shows a lack of being respectful to oneanother. An example for this view would be “the lie itself is an element thatmakes the action wrong”. (pg.

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126) Meaning that even though the lie can bringsomething good it is morally wrong to tell a lie. Although many health careprofessions treat lying as it brings good to the patients. They believe beingdishonest brings less pain and agony for family and the patient itself. By thenames of Richard Cabot and Worthington Hooker both argued about honesty becausethey believed that not telling the truth would cause more harm than beinghonest.

This caused a change in people’s perspective and making it better forthe patient’s right to knowing the truth.  


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