Basically, society very easily. According to Koran,

Basically, all religions control the society. For example, by putting the name of the god, people can do everything. For the god’s sake people can kill their honor. By believing in one religion people admit that the society is weak in the knowledge, intelligence, and they need to be controlled by some superpower. Also, a religion has an intense impact on the culture.

The religion mostly determines people’s goal and their ideas. In addition, Religion also can affect the politics and the economy by saying which way is good for that religion. Religion can make the people miserable and keep them in the ignorance.  For example, people in Islam they have a very strong belief in god and them him as an owner of everything on the earth. Also, according to the Muslim’s book “Koran” no one can grasp god and he is above all comprehensions. This word the “god” can reflect the society very easily.  According to Koran, men can whip their wives and daughters, if they didn’t listen to him. Base on this sentence the societies’ criterions alter.

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First, we know based on this sentence that men are possessor and the owner of the power. Second, we will understand that the women can’t be independent in the Islamic countries and they must always follow their husbands ‘speech. If not, God ordered the man can whip their wives and even kill them. That’s why in the most Arabic and middle east countries the women they don’t have any rights. They can’t even drive a car because the God knows that action taboos only for ladies. This is how the believe in god can reflect the society.

When the people of the society accept one religion, they need to make their behavior based on that religion. Also, they were some people in the history that made some regulation for the people who disobey the specific religion, they need to be punished. That’s why most people of the society see their selves responsible for doing the regulation. Also, believing exceed in god cause the terrorist groups such as ISIS. They are chanting slogans if they kill one Shia Muslims they will go to the heaven. This is only one reflection of believing in god and his book(Koran). Also, people in one religion are responsible for doing the rituals of that religion.

For example: people required fasting for 30 days if they eat one of their fasting’s day, they need to feed 60 poor people. Therefore, people prefer fasting to feeding 60 poor. The other ritual in Islam is praying five time a day, if you don’t pray for one time, you need to pray 30 times instead of that. Also, these all things are not unique to Islam. For example, in Christianity, the practice of attending church in certain parts of the world is a strong pillar of cultural practice. This is prominent in many areas of the world that they believe in Christianity. That’s why always churches are busy on Sundays. Therefore, culture and religion are inseparable phenomena that constantly feed off one another within the society.

Usually changes in one will cause tremors of the reaction in the other. The other example that we can mention is witchcraft. The belief in witchcraft, spells, and the other superstitious things sometimes are the reflection of the religion that people believed in.

That’s because people are not educated enough, and they believe in what the religion says. If people weren’t aware of that and don’t evaluate the religions, they have go to the wrong ways. It was better if people don’t accept the religion without any researches and based on what other people believe in. In conclusion, the religion can reflect the society in several ways because the definition of the religion is broad and consists of many subcategories.


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