BATTLE engaged in unequal struggle against the

BATTLE of DIDGORIGeorgia is located in southern Caucasia between the Black and the Caspian Seas. The country’s geopolitical location between Europe and Asia, Georgia proves both a great advantage and a disadvantage because it serves as a transit route for commerce, culture and religions over the last four millennia. However, the country also saw its share of conquerors vying for control over these lands.

Emerging as a united kingdom in the 10th century, Georgia soon found itself engaged in unequal struggle against the Turk-Seljuk, who began massive migration to Asia Minor and the Caucasus. The year 1080 started the period known as the “Great Turkish Onslaught” in Georgia. When Turk-Seljuk tribes arrived in large numbers to settle on Georgian lands and turned the occupied territory into pastures, undermining local agriculture and economy.

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In 1089, the country was in a difficult social situation when 16-year-old Prince David started to rein. The new king faced a daunting challenge of defeating a powerful enemy and rebuilding a devastated country. Despite his age, David proved to be an able political leader and military commander. In 1089-1100, he led small detachments harassing and destroying isolated Turk-Seljuk troops and tried to revive the devastated regions. In 1092, he took advantage of the death of Malik Shah of the Turk-Seljuk to cease the payment of annual tribute and stop the seasonal migration of the Turks into Georgia.

Over the next ten years, he liberated most of eastern Georgia. King David was successful and he performed the true values of being a technical and tactical leader by positively revolted against the Turk- Seljuk, by Build cohesive teams through mutual trust, Create Shared Understanding, Accept Prudent Risk and Provide a clear Commander’s intent that would make him successful in the campaign.


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