“Be that you’re professional must equivalent to your

“Be a professional to greater heights”, said by the chief executive of Aviation Management College, Captain Abdul Manan. This quote refers to aviation industry because it was written by a captain who has more 10 years’ experience in aviation life and he really means this quote to future aviators to achieve and fly high. What does professional means? Professional is someone who has talented and have a good knowledge. Different people have different meaning about what is professional means, but what meant by the captain is related to aviators. Then, no matter how high you are, you must know that you’re professional must equivalent to your learning. Other than that, what does meaning greatest heights is you must consistence with little steps and it is the secret to successful to next level. As we know, success doesn’t come easily to everyone. Except you’re doing well in life because it is not easy too to be an aviator.

For me, aviation is interesting because it is the way you know that is a lot of aircraft nowadays., it is an aeroplane, helicopter or other machine capable of flight and also the design, development and its function on aircraft especially the heavier aircraft. As we known as well, aircraft has many types and has their own functions.

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Aircraft also has many advantages for everyone to travel by because it is useful for agriculture, natural calamities and so on. That’s why the invention of aircraft was considered important to everyone. Before this, farmer use hand to do everything but in this modernization, humans thinks about what is important for aircraft like agriculture to farmer. Besides that, aircraft uses for military, general private and experimental. At first, we know that the Leonardo da Vinci is the first person who made the aircraft on 15 century. He was born on April 15, 1452.

He not only who attempts the aircrafts but he also a scientist, architect and a famous and talented painter. He give a lots of merits to the world and more advantages. Then, in the modernization, aviation have been upgrade and become one of the important transportation to go a travel. We should be thanked to the pioneers before.


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