Because I was like i want to make

Because i couldn’t come up with a fine topic idea, I think I should write my essay on how I came up with those ideas. I’m not creative you say? Not really. I said to myself no one has ever came up with this idea or tried to write this essay so in conclusion it’s quite original, no one has ever done it. As a matter of fact, this is my first essay for this class that i have to hand in so it has to be good or at least decent. To be honest, It is very hard to come up with ideas even when people ask you to, even my friends they always reply with the same boring answer “I took it from the teachers sheet” I was like i want to make it entertaining let’s do something no one else will ever think about doing. Most of the time i come up with ideas when i’m bored or not doing anything, from time to time it even takes me an eternity since occasionally I am very tired or lazy that i can’t even think of an Idea. You know, some people have the most random ideas in the world in the world which turn out to be amazingly interesting like for example what Leonardo Da Vinci did he was like “Hmm, I want people to not know what my art is and keep them guessing and thinking.

” And then comes up with the bright idea of making a girl that might be unhappy and might be ecstatic. Or maybe some super fan of golf that thought to himself “Hmm, maybe so that i can always be training at my favourite sport i should make a mini golf mat and put it next to my bathroom”. If you think about it all those ideas made an impact on many people’s lives and even were mentioned in our history books. Let’s think about it for another second. Do you think there is a possibility that incredible innovations and clever ideas can be discovered by being idle and thinking about random object, articles or even thoughts? An interesting idea, that came to my mind. Is that when you’re older and you pass through school they always guide you through things they don’t let you think alone, they decide everything for you, and that can damage your creativity in such a way that you can’t think about anything or can’t do anything unless the adult tells you what to do. I believe that if we think like a child, then we can start using that knowledge that we earned across the years that we stayed on this planet called earth, can make us find magnificent discoveries.

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Even though , that creativity and curiosity are the things that are very present in a child ,that us as teenagers loose, we can still make amazing things by the logic and capacities we’ve gained over the years.


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