Before – ensure that all staff are aware

Before an individual comes into the residential home we do an initial pre-assessment this helps to determine the level of care that the individual will require. Whilst completing this pre-assessment I am able to determine the individual’s communication needs and highlight any possible barriers. If a barrier is identified then I will ensure that a plan is implemented so that these barriers can be overcome. Possible plans that could be implemented to assist with a communication barrier include the following: Staff training – ensure that all staff are aware of the communication barrier that the individual has and make sure that they are all trained to be able to deal with the specific communication needs of the individual whilst they are in their care. I also need to ensure that staff are trained to be able to use any communication aids that may need to be used to meet the individual’s needs.

Working in partnership with other professionals or organisations that can help provide knowledge on a specific condition. This will assist in allowing me to prepare a plan that is tailored to the individual’s exact needs and will allow staff to provide support and respect towards the communication needs of that individual. Some other professions that may be used include: speech and language therapists, opticians or audiologists.

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They can complete any appropriate assessments which will then provide us with the specific equipment or aids that are needed to meet the individual’s needs.


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