Being and always think before I act.

Being a doctor has been my aspiration since childhood.

I worked hard in keeping good grades, active in many co-curricular activities and was awarded as a best student in 2001. In 2002, I was awarded a government scholarship to pursue my medical degree in Moscow, Russia. Six years in a foreign land nurtured both my academic and social development. I graduated from medical school in 2008, proudly becoming the first doctor within the circle of my family and relatives. In that instance, I was brought to the limelight; became a role model for family and friends. From there on, saving lives became a new norm and a good part of my time was dedicated to activities involving patients.

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All my efforts were recognised and honoured when I was honoured with an Excellent Employee Award in 2011.My personality brought me a lot of friends and my ability of thinking in someone else’s perspective made me always the more mature one at my age and always think before I act. As a matter of fact, I always do as much as possible to avoid hurting my friends’ feelings. Because I believe that relationship is the most important thing and the best part of one’s life.

With that, we can have somebody to talk to, to love, to care about and to share our feelings with. We help each other, and we share our joys and tears. One special quality that is the most important to me is my ability to be a listener. By listening to everyone’s problems, I can understand and incorporate from what I learn from everyone’s difficulties. Everyone in the world needs someone to spend time with them and listen. If everyone had that option, then I believe some problems that may lead to violence can be pacified.

My personal quality allows me to keep friends together, prevent violence, make things seem understanding and compassionate.


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