Being Pearl Harbor on December 1941. Despite

        Being well-known for its magnificent over-the-water bungalows and aqua-centric luxury resorts, Bora-Bora Island has be one of the most relaxing places that you could ever find for a wonderful vacation. As its sandy beaches and tropical weather making it more interesting place to visit, the island also famously said to be as a romantic island whereby couples especially newlyweds can experience the beautiful mountainous scenery of the island by having their honeymoon there. Plus, it also has perfect views as background photos in one’s photo shoot session.        Generally, people know Bora-Bora Island to be one of the top spot to go on a vacation.

However, it was not like this before. Bora-Bora Island is actually a volcanic island in the Leeward Island group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia. At first, Vavau was the original name for the island which means first born.

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Then, it evolved to Pora Pora and later become Bora-Bora, the name we have known nowadays. This island was firstly seen by Jakob Roggeveen in 1722. After years went by, it was finally discovered by James Cook as his first landed here was in 1777.

During the World War (II), Bora-Bora was chosen by the United States government to be the South Pacific Military supply, oil depots, air strip and seaplane base in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 1941.       Despite it was once a military base, the island is not only surrounded by blue lagoon but also with the attractive garden of coral reef in the sea which make it as one of the uniqueness of this island. Thus, there are many water-related activities that you can join here at Bora-Bora Island. The activities including feeding the sharks and rays, scuba diving, snorkeling and touring the underwater garden full of coral reef. Therefore, by doing these activities, one can enjoys the wild and exquisite scenery especially the sunset. On the other hand, tourists also being given the opportunity to do other activities, such as visiting the Marae Temple and mountains.

Typically, tourists tend to hike Mount Otemanu rather than the others.        Not only this island has amazing views, but it also has many places for visitors to go shopping. Usually, the entrepreneurs here not just focus on one type of business only.

For instance, we can find a lot of stores and souvenir shops in hotels. Besides, there is also a shopping centre at the southern part of the Circle Island Road and Vaitape. This is a must-visit place as it serves a variety of souvenirs as no one want to leave a place without having something as a memory to reminisce this one of the lifetime holiday. Plus, for those who loves to collect accessories especially necklaces, you can purchase the precious black pearl necklace for you or make it as a gift for love ones. Even though the price seems a little bit high, but it is totally worth it.       If you ever wondered how to get there, let it be no more. You can choose either by plane or by boat. The Bora-Bora Airport is located on Motu Mute.

If you are using Air Tahiti, it also offers you a free shuttle boat transfer which boards at Vaitape dock. Alternatively, if one prefers to use a boat, you can find a boat service at Maupiti which is located about 40 km away from the island.        In conclusion, get ready to pack your bags and plan a getaway to this mesmerizing, breath-taking and heavenly-like of Bora-Bora Island as you can enjoy all the fun activities here, take some stunning photographs with remarkable sceneries and shop too. See you there!


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