Being tasks that were assigned to each other.

Being one of the organizer in conducting a seminar is a good opportunity to learn nee things.

As we organized this seminar, we had faced many challenges. It was truly incredible experience since I’m the one who is assigned in preparing the decorations of the stage.The seminar helps me boost my confidence in front of many people and skills in doing multi-tasking. And learned that one has to value and proper time management and gave me a valuable to learn when the speaker start to talk about the topic entitled Productivity and Quality Tools.The speaker gave us very knowlegdeable information that will help us for our future purposes.

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He was really approachable to us students and was able to answer all the questions that have been asked with all his will. We thanked the guest speaker who made the seminar possible. And also thanked to my group mates for the reason that they were so cooperative and determined to finish every tasks that were assigned to each other. All the hardships that we’ve encounter in organizing this seminar was worth it and comes out smoothly.


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