Belief ): a person who believes in

Belief in yourself – the conviction of a person that he will succeed. Self-confidence in the face of challenge, facing a difficult task. Belief in yourself is the starting component of any great success.

Do not confuse belief in yourself and your belief in your own effectiveness ( self-efficacy ): a person who believes in himself may not be sure that he will cope with specific tasks, at least for now. He is sure that if he sets himself such a task, sooner or later he will cope – be sure! Self-efficacy is a situational assessment and more likely from the head. Belief in oneself is the general, integral state of a person, the state of his spirit manifested in the state of his body.

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 But self-esteem and self-confidence are things that are closer and more closely interrelated: usually increasing self-esteem reinforces self-confidence, and vice versa -A young person may have a low self-esteem – he understands that he does not have a quality education yet, his appearance is ordinary, his average physical data, his leadership skills are lacking, but he can believe in himself: “I will have it!” Self-esteem is rather low, self-confidence is high.What to do if there is no faith in oneselfMost likely, before you believed in yourself. Look at the young children – they all cry quite persistently, with the conviction in their rightness, all children run confidently from their mother and climb into their arms to the Pope. If you have once had self-confidence and you can remember it, remember this state more often, this will be a good basis for a new, more thorough self-confidence – a certainty that will never leave you. It is not difficult to lose faith in yourself and your strength, if you did not reinforce this belief with something more thorough, if you did not learn to live, communicate, set goals and achieve your goals.

 Anyone who has acquired all the skills necessary for a successful life, is confident in himself. If you do not have the necessary skills, then belief in yourself is an “empty” faith, it is like a house without a foundation: it can not stand for long, but then it will fall anyway.Belief in yourself is like starting capital: if you use it cleverly, it will grow. If you spend it thoughtlessly, without backing it up, there will soon be nothing left of it.So how do you find faith in yourself, how to get it back? “Stop asking yourself this stupid question.” Belief in yourself does not need to be looked for: it is not stored anywhere ready for you. But if you create it, you will develop it – it will appear.

 People with a romantic approach to business are looking for a belief in themselves. Responsible people are not engaged in the search for faith in themselves, but in setting goals, accumulating resources and working. The main direction is to gain knowledge, skills, life experience, to become really more successful and effective. Auxiliary direction – to keep the body properly, to be able to see your own dignity, to feel your strength.

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