Benefit alternative that even nutrition experts, pediatricians and

Benefit and detriment of pumping milkAlthough breastfeeding is more beneficial than bottle feeding, there are more reasons that force mom to express milk like refusal or weak to latch, going back to work, low supply and having twins or multiples. When a mom is not capable of breastfeeding the baby exclusively due to some reasons, there are other alternatives to feed your baby such as pumping or giving formula milk.The best alternative that even nutrition experts, pediatricians and health expert refer is pumping breast milk. Pumping is another best way of providing your baby with your breast milk.Even societies know the value of breast milk so whether you feed your child direct from breast or express breast milk and use bottle to feed your baby after all you are providing your kid with breast milk with all nutrients needed for baby growth and development.

Benefits of pumping milk Mom who is not comfortable feeding in public or at home with visitors pumping milk is the best option you express milk and store during such situationHelps others bond with the babyWhen you have pumped milk, you can give another member of the family to help feed the baby. It helps bond between dad, grandmother, older siblings, relatives or even a friend.It easier to monitor how much you baby takes at each feedWhen you compare formula and expressed milk when you feed your baby with expressed breast milk you are providing your child with all nutrients needed for baby development.If you are working mom and you work somewhere else away from the baby, you can provide your baby with breast milk. It is also beneficial to Stay-at-Home Mom you can pump milk and someone help you feed the baby when you need to go out, me-time or relax.Pumping saves the new mother from engorgement and heaviness of breast.Pumping provides breast milk to your baby when he/ she is not able to latch well or premature baby in the hospital.

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Detriment of pumping milkMore work of cleaning and sanitizing pump parts, feeding bottles and nipplesThere is possibility of contamination on your breast milk storage process, freezing and on pump partsBuying breast pumps, bottles, and other pump parts can be costly. Breastfeeding creates bonding between you and the baby, but pumping mom can lose the bondAlthough, there are disadvantages of pumping milk, but expressing lets mom breastfeed when they are not at home.


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