Benefits use as a drug from treating different

Benefits we can get by protecting biodiversity are as follows;
1. Nutrition Security: Many plant and animal species give us food from various crops; rice, wheat, cereals pulses etc. and meat, eggs from animals thus provide nutrition security.
2. Pharmaceutical drugs: Numerous plants have medicinal value and having antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal and also antinematodal abilities which we can use as a drug from treating different infections.
3. Productive value: From diversity in animal species we gets daily products such as milk, yogurt, butter & cheese.
4. Industrial Fibers: they help us to get various form of wood, gums and rubber from different stem of plant species and oil from different flowers such as sunflower oil and canola oil
5. Biochemical Cycles: Biological Diversity help in running biochemical cycles as it impacts many functions such as nitrification and de-nitrification, nitrogen fixation etc.
6. Textile: Different species help us in providing different types of fabric for example; from plant we get cotton, and from animal we get silk worm silk, wool, spider silk etc. which provides us cloth and lead textile industries to run and export their goods.
7. Protection From Natural Disasters: Healthy system have better withstand ability and recover from a natural disasters more easily as compare to less diverse ecosystem
8. Economic Benefit: Their resource are natural capital that can be exploited and turned to profit which gives economic benefit to that particular country.
9. Protecting destabilize ecosystems: They also provide vital services such as pollination, waste assimilation, water filtration and distribution of seeds.
10. Tourism: Colorful plants and different variety of living organism and diverse ecosystem attracts tourist to visit which increases country development.
11. Healthy Environment: if plants are present in high quantity in particular area it supports in production of atmospheric oxygen and absorb CO2 from air lead in lowering the rate of air pollution helps to form healthy environment.


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