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Benjamin RobinsonBrownEnglish IV CP Blended M220 December 2017Title: Sub-titleRhetoric is the art of discourse, where in a writer or speaker strives to inform, persuade her motivate particular audience is in specific situations.  As a subject of formal study and productive civic practice, rhetoric has played a central role in the European tradition.

When writing, there are motley ways an author might depict their intended meaning. This assists them elucidate the meaning behind their text. These are referred to as rhetorical strategies/devices, which are critical in writing. A portrait of the artist as a young man is the first novel by Irish writer James Joyce.

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His style traces a religious and intellectual awakening of young Stefan Dedalus, a fictional alter ego of Joyce and an allusion to Daedalus. In the story A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, james joyce, he uses exemplary writing skills with his word choice and use of the rhetorical strategies. Throughout the story Joyce unequivocally shows his liking for the use of two specific rhetorical devices: motifs and the use of symbols. For the entirety of the story, Joyce uses the Dedalus family and their story with the help of symbols, to paint a vivid image in our mind, and motifs, to put meaning behind his words, creating a piece of literature still studied today.Starting with symbolism, one main rhetoric That sticks out is birds and flight. The association a flight with Stephanie six.

Stems from his affiliation with Telus. That of this was known for the creation of the wings made a feather and wax; This then created in the story the “hawklike man”. The symbol of the hawklike man appears now and again throughout the story. Stefan envisions his soul flying on wings of his own making, metaphorically speaking. Then the nets are meant to represent religion, language, and nationality, along with other things that supposedly entrap and hold him back. The Byrd Association also stretches to the Egyptian god thought, mention once in chapter 5 by Stephenquote here, however, flight in general represents Steffens longing for freedom and whenever it shows up in the book it is noticeable his mood towards it. For example when he watches the birds wheeling above in chapter 5 he can ask, “what birds were they?”.

Birds are a sign of mysterious, distant future he saw for himself. For another example color seems to play a notable role in chapter 1. The colors green and maroon were closely noted with Parnell in Michael debit, 2 L of the Irish nationalist movement. Along with the two colors harmony seem to follow with that first step and remembering is a hunt Donte cutting the green velvet off and telling him that part now is a bad man. The then following arguments then represent politics to him that his current age.

To Stefan the The colors now represent conflict and then later in the story Fleming colors or world map with green in maroon which is undoubtedly not just a coincidence. Stefan ponders which was right “to be for the green or the moon.” Also, scene in the story or the red and white teens in the wars of the roses seemed math competition; again representing conflict in opposition. James Joyce uses these symbols and more throughout his story to create more of an impact on the reader which does nothing more then solidify the blank of Joyce’s writing.

Next for motifs, Music was a very notable attribute. The music, especially singing appears repeatedly throughout the story. Steffens appreciation of music is closely tied to his noticeable love for the sounds of language. Even as a child, in the story he turned Dantes threats into a song, ” apologize, pull out his eyes, plus his eyes, apologize.” Music appeals directly to Steffens one to live life to the full list. It is more noted towards the end of the novel when he suddenly feels at peace when hearing the woman saying.

Her voice, in essence, convinces him to recall his decision to leave Ireland and become a writer, more so making him even more determined to celebrate life through writing. And then lastly, the reader can tell somewhat of Stefan state of mind by looking at the fragments of prayers, songs, and London phrases that Joyce uses in his writing. When Stephanie is a schoolboy, Joyce includes childish, since your prayers that mirror the mirror and child might believe in church, even without full understanding of what he is believing.

 Another example of choices excellency in writing is when Stefan praise in church despite the fact he has committed a mortal sin, Joyce writes the long one passage making it clear that Stefan merely just speaks the words but not genuinely believe in them. Then, when Stefan is at the university level is used as a joke amongst him and his friends when they translated The phrases. This use of the land marks their education and the Stern way in which Latin was used in the church. This helps show more so Steffens lacking in seriousness and believe about religion.

And then finally Joyce included a few lines from Irish folk song called Rosie O’Grady near the end of the novel. Joyce’s inclusion of these lines or example of how he used this type of rhetoric to push Stephanie’s feelings of peacefulness as well as the traditional Irish culture that stuff and plans to leave behind.So Joyce undoubtedly showed his ability to use rhetoric in this novel. The use of symbolism through the hawk like man with birds in flight I hope to show feelings and emotions of characters. Are using motives such as music songs, In Latin phrases to help show the important state of mind of the characters that we are aware of but they are not.

Thus, ultimately combining into an exemplary example of a piece of literature.


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