Beowulf strength by single-handedly tossing Grendel’s severed

Beowulf exemplifies the archetypal epic hero in three ways. His characteristics show that he is loyal to his people, has superhuman strength, and is very brave.Beowulf shows his superhuman strength by they way he opened Grendel’s hand with his own hands. He also held a giant-forged sword that was hanging in Grendel’s mother’s underwater lair. Beowulf shows his strength by single-handedly tossing Grendel’s severed head that took four men to carry.

He shows his loyalty by volunteering his men and himself to slay Grendel who was terrorizing Herot. He then tracked down Grendel’s mother after she killed many of Hrothgar’s men. Beowulf shows his loyalty by telling his men to wait outside the dragon’s lair while he went in and faced the dragon alone.

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