Besides their disease. Apart from finding a good

Besides that, sometimes people also travel for the purpose of health. They travel to another country to get better treatment for their disease. Apart from finding a good treatment, travel itself could be the best medication for them. This is because once you travel; you can relieve stress, lower the risk of depression and boost happiness in yourself.
Speaking about getting better treatment, this statement is not about they are rich enough or not but they prefer to go to another country to receive treatment because of the shorter wait times. They cannot wait any longer if their disease declines. They need something fast to recover them – not fully recover but at least there is an improvement than before. Sometimes, they looking for a specialist doctor because no specialist doctor in their country.
Other than that, you have to let yourself free by throwing all those unimportant things and go get some fresh air. Fresh air is good for health. Fresh air can increase oxygen in blood and in turn, it gives more energy so that you will become more energetic. You can also pampering yourself like doing a body massage, face facial, hair salon and anything that can satisfied you and yourself.
As everyone knows, going for a vacation tend to make people become happier. It is been scientifically proven that travel will increase your happiness, decrease your depression and chill you out. So no matter how busy you are, do find some time to go for a vacation. Choosing a cheap vacation is alright as long as you can relax your body, mind and soul.

Besides the sin of “changing the nature

Besides that, maslahah mursalah, that is public interest regarding aesthetic surgery to be perform on patients by plastic surgeons of every gender, race, lifestyle, and religion is a hot issue in current days . Right now, it might appear to be common that plastic surgery procedure ought to be seen as allowable, and in our modern edge liberal age, it appears to be peculiar to attempt justifying certain careful demonstrations in the light of a specific social or religious custom. Allah the creator gave the people trust (amanah) in the form of body, thus it is unlawful to change the original way that is given to us. If one committing this act, one will committing the sin of “changing the nature created by Allah.
Nonetheless, if there is a serious need, for instance, certain organ of the body is deformed, maybe like the nose is damaged or a child is born with extraordinary fingers, such as six fingers, etc…, then he or she is allowed to perform the plastic surgery. “If one has the intention to remove the extra finger, it will be permissible as long as there is no fear of perishing.” This ruling is deduced from the incident of the Sahabi, Arfajah bin As’ad (Radiyallahu Anhu), whose nose was torn off during the days of Jahiliyyah in one of the battles. He had reconstructed his nose with silver. Unfortunately the surgery had caused his nose to release a rotten smell. So, he is being advised by Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) to reconstruct it using gold so that it does produce the rotten smell in the future. He listened and he followed what was being advised . However, cruel realities exhibit the fact that the principal expectation of any sacred writing or custom has been primarily to advance religious and good qualities, most religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, constantly influence human conduct and state of mind profoundly, directing some inflexible positions in regards to basic medical problems. To deface the original nature both physically and spiritually that created by Allah, is what Shaytan’s favours and orders to practice. In Surah al-Nisa, Allah mentioned the words of Shaytan saying “I will misled them and I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and to deface the natural creation of Allah.” “With regards to the words of the Hadith: “Those who create gaps between their teeth for the purpose of beauty”, it refers to those who do it just for beautification purposes. This indicates that to undergo plstic surgery merely for beautification purposes is prohibited. With regards to undergoing cosmetic surgery due to it being necessary, i.e.; for medical reasons or due to some fault in ones teeth etc, there is no sin for this”
To further understand the difference between what is permitted and what is forbidden, we will quote the words of Imaam al-Nawawi in his commentary on the hadeeth: “Allah has cursed the women who make tattoos and the women who have this done, the women who pluck facial hair and the women who have this done, and women who widen the gap between their own or others’ teeth for the sake of beauty, changing what Allah has created” . Allah will only send the curse to the one who commit. The well known Muslim scholar, Dr. Abdel-Fattah Idrees, Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University spoke his thought regarding aesthetic surgery in the context of public interest, maslahah mursalah as “there is nothing wrong with aesthetic surgery if it is used to treat a distorted organ where the changes will offer a better quality of life and for public interest.
Islam allows surgical intervention if the plastic surgery will saves a person’s life or prevents the disease progression or getting worse. Plastic surgery has advanced at a rapid rate trying to reduce people’s suffering. However, Allah created every human is His special way and such surgery is not permissible if it is used for the mere purpose of beautification and altering His creation . The past view does not at all discourage a man from demonstrating enthusiasm for his outward appearance and beauty. Prophet used to have an interest in his appearance and adornment reported by Ibn Mas`ud and he also urged his Companions to follow suit. Thus, plastic surgery is seem as a maslahah mursalah, public interest as long as it benefit the person who decided to have this operation and does not hurt others public interest as well. It is all about perception.
The rule in Islam is that individuals should be satisfied with the way Allah has created them. Islam accept with open arms as long as the plastic surgery is done for the benefit of patients and public interest. Islamic law is ambiguous regarding plastic surgery even if it clearly considers “changing the creation of Allah”. Its objection to cosmetic surgery is not absolute. It is rather an objection to exaggeration and extremism. It has been mentioned that “Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.”
Islam is a holistic and comprehensive


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