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Best GIF Maker App For AndroidGIF is simply an image format with animations. In other words, all the moving images that you see nowadays on social networking sites or internet are GIFs. There are a million ways to have fun on the Internet and one of the major ones is making and sharing GIFs. Thankfully, now you can do that on the move with the best GIF Maker app for Android without having to import videos to your Personal Computer and make them.Mostly you will need an active Internet connection to make a great GIF with these apps.

On Google play store there are thousands of best GIF Maker app for Android available but only a few of them are worth valuable. You can add text and other filters and effects to your GIFs. We have selected some of the best GIF Makers for you to choose from.List of Best GIF Maker App For Android1. GIF Maker-GIF Editor:appbox googleplay GIF Maker-GIF Editor Maker is one of the best GIF Editor in which you can make an animated GIF that you want to make according to your wish.

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Your photos can get a feeling of strength by GIF camera. Another great feature is that this free app can record the funny moments happening every time and make it much more interesting. You can cut and crop before creating the GIFs and add over 200 photos to create GIFs. You can also add text, stickers to the existing GIFs.

This best android gif maker is available in 24 Language versions and is absolutely free with no adds. There are also many effects for the photos like funny, bizarre scary and many others and you can share your funny photo with your friends, family, and others by making the continuous shooting.ProsSimple and easy to useShows gifs in orderGood quality gifsConsNo gifs making from picturesPosting problemsCrashes after making some gifsNo swapping feature2. Camera MX:appbox googleplay Camera MX com.magix.

camera_mx&hl=enCamera MX has the dozen of features which makes it unique from many other GIF Creator apps for Android. One important thing that makes it unique is that all features of this app are absolutely free of cost. You can make and change the speed of any GIF and there are more than 20 effects for them. You can also add text to your gif or add emoji or frames and do the editing as possible as in other images. More than 100 thousand people have downloaded this app from play store. So if you want to be creative and make GIF according to your desire than this GIF maker is for you.ProsAutofocus and exposureDynamic and adjustable light featureVariety of filters and modesConsNo google photosphereLive effects logo automatically appears3.

Footej Camera:appbox googleplay Footej camera com.footej.cameraFootej camera is commonly used for the creation of GIFs and to share these animations with your friends and loved ones on other platforms instantly. Processing of animations for images that are captured directly from camera or videos that are downloaded from the internet is also possible in this GIF Editor. A good thing is that users can also have a preview of all animations continuously during the making of GIF so that content quality can be adjusted accordingly.It is free of cost and has many great features as it allows users to add comments and ratings for animations and the maximum duration of animations can go up to 30 seconds.

Pros10 interesting filtersLabel or reversion of animationsAllows backupTime-lapse featureConsPop up addsSome features don’t work on all devices4. GIF Me Camera and GIF Maker:appbox googleplay Gif Me com.xnview.XnGif;hl=enGif Me! The camera is the best app for GIF and short video making. Mainly it can capture up to 14 seconds of short video. It has real-time stickers, text, color filters and many other features.

It also supports stop motion and video mode. You can also add watermark to your GIF. OR we can say that the camera will turn the short video clip into an animated gif file in just a few seconds for you so that you can share it with anyone.ProsEasy to useAdd watermarksHigh-Quality Short VideosConsThe setting doesn’t save permanentlyCan’t rotate or crop photos5. Giphy Cam:appbox googleplay Giphy cam com.;hl=enGiphy cam is a new and user-friendly app that gives a new life to your beautiful moments. This app captures any GiF in less than 14 seconds with real-time color filters and effects. You can send these animated or other GIFs by email or any other social networking sites. One of the best things about Giphy cam is its huge collection of stickers. You can be very creative with the stickers and get super funny results. You can also add labels with texts and even edit the text style and color.ProsSlow motion recordingWorks on every deviceLoop GIFsConsToo many addsCrashes sometimes6.

Video2me:appbox googleplay Video2me;hl=enVideo2me is the best GIF app to create and share short videos in an animated GIF. It’s so easy that it captures a small moment with your built-in camera and share it on social networks. You can apply any image filter too. This app provides excellent video quality and slow motion feature. The main feature is that it reduces the file size.

Other features are that this app has a great convert which converts video to audio, trim mp3 and mp4. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast of the GIFs.ProsEasy editingComplete editor with great presentationConsNo download functionNo option to change the resolution7.

Motion Stills:appbox googleplay Motion Stills Stills is a GIF creator app developed by Google. It has two modes. You can capture a video and then turn it into a GIF.

The second mode lets you shoot slow-motion video. You can share your motion Stills as looping GIFs or as videos to your friends. It is a free app. The camera captures a short video and you can alter that video with huge filters, stickers, special effects, text, and much more.

When it comes to the editing, there are a lot of different options for you to change. You can easily adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation of videos and images with the best GIF Maker app for Android.ProsEasy and addictiveQuick editingInnovative stickersConsNo soundCannot add backgroundCannot import videos from gallery8. Pixel Animator:appbox googleplay Pixel Animator com.minikara.director.

android&hl=enPixel Animator is a great pixel animation software app and best GIF Maker app for Android that lets you capture short videos and transform them into beautiful cinema graphs using our advanced stabilization and rendering technology. You can also create looping GIFs or combine clips into movies that you can share with your friends and social media. You can use Pixel Animator to capture a short 3s clip with a simple tap or create movies by combining clips with a simple swipe to the right.ProsGood user interfaceEasy to useAllows trimmingConsToo dark displayNo sharing9. PowerDirector:appbox googleplay PowerDirector com.

cyberlink.powerdirector.DRA140225_01&hl=enPowerDirector is one of the newer best GIF Maker app for Android.

It’s also for free Gif creator. The camera of this app records a short segment of video and you can alter that video with tons of filters, special effects, stickers, text and much more. There is support for video-to-GIF conversions for those who have videos laying around. It also has a five-shot burst mode alongside its video mode.

This is probably the best GIF/camera app. It doesn’t have any camera features, but it does GIFs better than the others by a fairly wide margin. It’s completely free with no in-app purchases.

ProsEasy and powerful editingVarious filters and effectsConsSome formats are not supportedNo sorting options10. DU GIF Maker:appbox googleplay DU GIF Maker com.duapps.

gif.emoji.gifmaker;hl=enDU GIF Maker is one of the best video editing apps with GIF support. Using this app, you can create GIFs with your artwork.

The free version of the app allows you to make GIFs with up to 15 total frames. The most useful feature of the app is to select the prior image in a GIF. There are some advanced options available on this app though, it can do almost all the processes in reverse. You can make a video out of a GIF and get a still image extracted from it. These options are not easily available on the other best GIF Maker app for Android.

There is also the option of compressing a GIF in the best GIF Maker app for Android, which reduces its size but also decreases the image quality, perfect for simple sharing.ProsSpecial effectsReverse modeEasy to shareConsProblems with audio editingDifficult user interfaceConclusion:There is no one app to rule them all when it comes to GIF images and animations. Each has its own strengths and features.

While some apps are rich in filters and frames, others are good for effects and stickers. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve with your GIFs but we have collected some of the best GIF Maker app for Android.


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