Between food that discarded or unconsumed by

Between 33%-50% of the food which produce globally is wasted. Food form farms, manufacturing (e.

g. cheese production waste and bakery), restaurant, hotel, house hold and grocery, are the major places were food is wasted. So, with the fast development of economy and increase of people living standard, the amount of wasted food has increased. So, this can cause biodiversity loss, increased carbon footprint and the acceleration of climate change and economic consequences.Now the world has known that food waste can be further process to produce fertilizer, since food waste it contains high amount of organic matters.

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So, food waste, which refers to the food that discarded or unconsumed by people. For example, expired food, the peel or the fiber of the fruit and vegetable and inedible part of Crustaceans.To produce fertilizer from food waste, dehydration should be done first, since food waste contain more than 80% of water, so, the water content should be reduce to less than 60%. A solid-liquid separation machine can be used in order to separate food waste. So, the produced separated liquid will be transported to the biogas, vegetable greenhouses, orchards and other fields need fertilization. Separated dry matter can be used to produce organic fertilizer.The next step will be for Composting and fermentation.

So, animal manure, crop straw, mushroom residue can be added to food waste. And microbial agent is necessary for composting process.In general this processes will take several month. But, using a compost turner machine will reduce the fermentation period t0 7-15 days. Also, other factor need to be conceders such as water content, temperature, C/N ratio, oxygen and ventilation supplying and pH.

So, the decomposing standard will be that organic materials are nearly rotten and black. After composting, all organic materials need to go through crushing, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening and finally packagingInvesting food waste to produce fertilizer will help to reduce the environment pollution, remove health related hazard and make a profit from producing a product from fully organic materials.People need to be aware of the impact of food waste on the planet, and they can help to reduce the food waste by balancing food production with demand, improving harvesting, storage, processing and distribution processes, and consumer need to buy and prepare food with control regarding their need.


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