Between This speedy electrical signal moving down

Between the electrical and chemical process is the communication that one neuron delivers the information for the next neuron. An electrical stimuli that gets delivered from the dendrites (that collects branches of a neuron to take in information from the alternative neurones), that go through the cell body, then it goes down to long arm of the neuron, that is called an axon. This speedy electrical signal moving down a neuron is named as the action potential. Once this electric is on going (action potential) gets to the end of the neuron (presynaptic terminal), a complex chemical response is triggered. In the end of a neuron are small bodies which are called synaptic vesicles. The vesicles have different chemicals thats called neurotransmitters. A neurotransmitter is a chemical that carries information to another. The action potential which moves down the axon causes the release of the neurotransmitters, and then flood out of the neutron in a limited space called a synapse or synaptic cleft.

Neutrons don’t physically touch, alternatively their separated by minute gaps called synapses. The chemicals (neurotransmitters) get released from the neutron into this gap to go through across the gap to the next neuron.

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