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BGB FOUR STAR BEACH RESORT,KOLATOLI BEACH, COX’S BAZARByNUSRAT ISLAMAbstractThis paper is an attempt to understand the means of establishing economic ecotourism in Cox’s Bazar and deduce the design of a four star beach resort in Kolatoli Beach, Cox’s Bazar. The longest sea beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar stands as one of the most attractive and visited tourist spot in Bangladesh. Both local and foreign tourists are known to enjoy their holidays and vacation every year at Cox’s Bazar, attracted by a conglomeration of miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful seafood with an unbroken, sandy, shark-free beach sloping down to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal against the picturesque background of a chain of hills covered with deep forests. Even though Cox’s Bazar holds an inevitable economic and social value in this country, with an approximate of 300 private and government hotels, motels, cottage, rest and guest houses and restaurants, lack of government investment in the area lead to government owned accommodation establishments finding it harder to cope up against the privately owned establishments. Such unfortunate circumstances are being faced by the BGB guest house at Kolatoli beach and therefore BGB Welfare Trust have taken the decision to convert it into a 4 Star Beach resort in attempt to bring their establishment back to business.

This project is aimed to create an environmentally responsive resort that is both commercially viable as well as contribute to the tourism of Bangladesh.CHAPTER 01 : INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the ProjectThe aim of the project is to create a profitable yet environmentally responsive beach resort in the place of the already existing government guest house in the site owned by BGB Welfare Trust. The existing guesthouse is in fact failing to make ends meet.

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It is low on maintenance and lack the flavor of tourism thus leading to low income generation. Even after existing in a site with such great potential, the guest house seems dead and is immensely unsuccessful. At a time when tourism in Bangladesh is on the rise thus increasing demand in accommodation and hotel business during tourist seasons in Cox’s Bazar, competition and other relative sources have been enforcing commercial pressure on the now unsuccessful guest house. Not only tourists but social workers from around the world have now swooped into the city of Cox’s Bazar working for the Rohingya crisis, therefore further increasing the demand for accomodation. The main objective of the project hence is to create a beach retreat away from the chaotic city life focusing on the landscape and essence of the country’s most attractive tourist spot that will thrive economically and stand out as an emblem for ecotourism. 1.

2 Project Brief1.2.1 Name of the project : A 4 Star Beach Resort1.2.2 Client : Bangladesh Border Guard Welfare Trust1.2.3 Location : Hotel Road, Kolatoli Beach, Cox’s Bazar1.

2.4 Site Area : 3.095 Acre1.


Per)15010132120206010208010101451.3.6 Key Services:24 Hour Front DeskWaiting LoungeOfficeRestaurantSurveillance RoomStaff AccommodationMaster KitchenCash Machine (ATM)Safe Deposit BoxRoom ServiceAirport TransportationMedical Service FacilitiesLive EntertainmentFitness FacilitiesSpa & Massage Facilities Driver’s Waiting AreaCurrency ExchangeAirline DeskConference HallsConvention CentreMeeting RoomsBanquet HallCafe1.4 Problem StatementThe common perception that the world holds of Bangladesh, as a flood-ravaged country in a disaster zone struggling to fight poverty, puts it in a difficult position to be viewed as a travel destination. Although certain aspects of these perceptions may be true, hiding behind such an image is a country rich in history and scenic beauty.

While it holds the characteristics for a successful tourist spot, it lacks the comfort of hotels, resorts and other hospitality facilities as well as the presence of the holiday enthusiasm. In order to overcome the lack in essence of tourism, such establishments of hospitality should attempt to attract tourists as well as engage them in local history and culture and promote their participation in exploring and conserving what the natural landscapes and wilderness have to offer.1.5 Project RationaleCox’s Bazar stands as one of the top most visited tourists spot in Bangladesh, hosting opportunities of bathing and swimming in shark free warm water, observing the beauty of sunset behind the waves of the world’s longest sea beach and markets filled with souvenirs and handwoven clothes and handicrafts from the tribal Rakhine families. Cox’s Bazar also hosts multiple tourist attractions around it such as Himchari waterfall, rocky beaches of Inani beach, Buddhist monastery of Aggmeda Khyang, Teknaf and Saint Martin’s islands. But even then it fails to attract significant number of tourists due to lack of infrastructural facilities which are deprived of the standards of international level and also fails to portray the true essence of Cox’s Bazar. The lack of scope of entertainment and luxury existing in the area deprives Cox’s bazar the opportunity to be an economic and social value of this country.

Lack in exploitation of the tourism sector in Bangladesh to its full extent is also the reason why the tourism industry is failing to contribute to the economy of the country thus failing to bring in foreign currency. Not just bread and breakfast but the hospitality facilities must provide tourists with the expression of Cox’s Bazar’s natural setting and have them partake in activities giving them the sense of living in the wilderness and take back with them an unforgettable experience.1.6 Project Objective One of the leading sectors for economy in the modern world is tourism and when proper steps are taken for the boom of tourism in Cox’s Bazar, there will be an inevitable boost in economy of this country.

Along with the revenue in foreign currency, tourism industry can bring about the sense of communal pride and identity. Tourism also allows foreigners to experience the rich history and the identity of a community and in turn encourages the locals to take pride in their own tradition and culture , ergo enhancing the experience even further.The aim of this project is to provide an international standard four star beach resort for the tourists and travelers.

To construct a structure as an emblem for ecotourismTo increase tourism and promote our country to tourists from home and abroadTo increase the revenue earning potential of Border Guard Bangladesh Welfare Trust.1.7 Scope of WorkThe proposed site for the project is enriched with natural amenities being right on the sandy beaches of Kolatali, 700 ft from the sea. It has direct accessibility from the Marine drive and amenities such as restaurants, Burmese markets, bus counters, ticket counters of ships and cruises, banks, ATM booths and many other facilities.

The site is about 20 minutes from the local airport and only a few minutes away from indoor swimming pool of Cox’s Bazar. The south-west of the site, although offering a full unobstructed view of the beach and sea, exposes the site to heat. The dense forest of tamarisks that make up the green belt is situated inside the site. Monsoon storms and cyclones can result in catastrophic fatalities to the site.


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