Big provide support services and information to

Big vision. CCS set their vision as creating a world where no Canadian fears cancers.

Inspired with the vision, CCS fulfills their mission by doing everything possible in the fight against cancer.They can do more. Relying on a large number of donors and volunteers support, CCS can carry on more charitable program easily.1.They offer support. They provide support services and information to people with cancer.2.They do research.

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CCG has contributed more than 1 billion dollars for life saving research (July 29, 2013). By supporting cancer research, they offer trusted source of information about all types of cancer.Ref.

: Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan. July 29, 2013. Our Story: Canadian Cancer Society. https://www. educate.

They not only help the people who have the disease but teach people how to reduce the risk of cancer. CCS uses multi platforms to spread knowledge about cancers, including their website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.They can help more. CCS sets its public accountability at the national level. It is not only the largest cancer charity but also the only one that supports all Canadians living with all cancers across the country. CCS consists of 10 provincial and territorial divisions, about 170000 volunteers and 1200 full-time staff.

(The Canadian Encyclopedia. Dec. 16, 2013)Ref.: December 16, 2013. involved easily.

CCS offers various programs and activities to get donors involved in the most convenient and effective ways.


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