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130122April, 2018Alternative Energy for TransportationScience and technology have developed a lot of things. We are in the 21st century, so science and technology have brought enormous growth of economy and contribute to improving the living standard of human beings. The improvement of road and transportation has completely expanded throughout the world.

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Also, the more transportation needs more fuels to run them. As the fossil fuels and gases are the natural sources of energy, which is limited in nature. Development of science and technology has brought the solution by using alternative sources of energy. So, every government and their citizens must accept the renewable source of energy like nuclear, wind, and solar power and commit themselves to the improvement of new power sources for vehicles. Even developed countries like United States and other European countries are also dependent on fossil fuels for generating energy.

Such power has brought significant advantages for large-scale industries, mass production, and helps in the transportation sector. However, fossil fuels have disadvantages for human beings, animals, plants, as well as other living creatures. Overuse of petroleum product is responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, creating air pollution and climate change. Fossil fuels are limited in nature; it is subject to high increase in price.

Consumption of such fossil fuel leads to the global warming, which is a severe challenge for all living creatures in the earth.With the increase in demand for global energy, people need to make rapid progress in energy efficiency and develop other alternative sources of energy that reduce pollution and solve the global warming problems. Lots of developed countries have given more effort to build and use of alternative power, like nuclear, wind, and solar energy. Electricity produced from hydro, wind, sun, and nuclear energy are the main alternatives fossil fuels. The importance of generating power using nuclear energy premised on 3S of safeguard, security, and safety.

Undoubtedly, the demand for such type of energy is increasing (Omi). Oil is only produced in some handful countries; this leads to the sky rocking oil prices and every country there and dependent on the gasoline and petroleum products(Omi). People import such fuels with high rates, which causes serious severe for economic development in their country. In the United States, use of renewable energy in transportation sectors is expected to create the demands of biomass. People create dynamic, open multi-market, electricity and transportation sectors to meet the state Renewable Portfolio Standards and Federal Renewable Fuel Standard(Oliver). For a balanced and equal development of the nation’s economy, people must take essential steps to control the problems arising from the unequal supply of petroleum products.

All type of automobiles is still greatly reliant on fossil fuels like gasoline and diesels. Even development of different kinds of alternative sources of energy, they cannot survive without petroleum-derived fuels, which power transport(Omi). Now, due to developments in technology, vehicles are also advancing that can operate through alternative powers. Such types of an automobile are eco-friendly, because they produce less harmful gases.

Also, in the last decade of 20th century, some farsighted automobile manufacturer developed the hybrid vehicles, which are very popular throughout the world(Omi).It looks straightforward that it is essential to expand the reusable fuel in private vehicles to replace the fossil fuels. People can replace such automobiles by using the electric automobile and alternative fuel vehicles.

Developing this can create financial procedure with which petroleum product price can be control within an acceptable cost. Also, this can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that affect both human beings and other living creatures. In 2015, the countries of the world concurred in principle to limit the global warming no more than 2 degrees Celsius above. So, the use and demand of alternative energy is increasing(Warner).

By 2028, the expansion of renewable sources of energy will be 50%, which can reduce pollutions and make the environment more beautiful(Warner). So, the primary goal of using renewable is to stop climate change in the earth and stop an energy crisis in the future. “Some countries developed public transportation, like trains and subways, which can also run through electricity, it has also a downside. Such large-scale transportation system is only applicable in urban areas, but in rural such systems are not practical. Also, in undeveloped countries, this type of transportation is not used. People want freedom while they travel. So, such public transport does not provide freedom to the people while they travel” (Omi).

Even though renewable energy has some downward, it plays a vital role in reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. When these energies are used then, the demand for fossil fuel will be reduced. Thus, government and their citizen’s need to focus their efforts on solving such industrial problems in the world by using renewable sources of energy. The sooner these new energies become applied in transportation and different large-scale industries, the further ahead will be in achieving durability in fuels. In sum, developing alternatives fuel for vehicles will slow down global warming and keeps petroleum product at a low price.

Therefore, the use of alternative power must be further expanded, and the government and people must agree themselves to upgrade such new energy sources for industries and automobiles.Work CitedWarner, Kevin J. and Glenn A. Jones. “The Climate-Independent Need for Renewable Energy in the 21St Century.

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